Do you even foam roll? Bodywork. Myofascial Release. SMR. Whether or not you’re a foam roller pro or have never seen a therapy ball, bringing bodywork into your body maintenance program will help you get stronger, recover faster, and get out of pain ASAP. Bodywork changed my life and it can absolutely change yours too!

Is consistency the one thing standing between you and getting stronger and more flexible? Change the unchangeable by dialing in your daily routine of bodywork, movement, and more inside Movement Mavens. Learn body maintenance and movement mastery so you know exactly what to do to get stronger, more flexible and feel amazing every day (it’s more than just stretching). Learn more now at

 What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • All about Bodywork and how to use it
  • How regular bodywork and massage can speed your recovery time
  • Why Bodywork should be a part of your body maintenance
  • And the 5 places you definitely don’t want to roll

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