A recent article about why we shouldn’t be drinking milk started me thinking about how often we accept things as fact without question.

How many times have you seen an advertisement, either in print or on TV, and taken what was said as fact? They make it seem so believable with doctor’s recommendations and testimonials, but they are also always required to include the side effects. And even when the side effects trump the benefits (an overactive bladder medicine that can stop you from peeing all together!?) we still are under the impression that it is good for us. It is good for us because someone else said so. Every recommendation you receive during the day – from what type of toilet paper to use to the best brand of broccoli is decided by an external source. The brands that you see on the shelf are chosen by the grocery store – who can only select from what corporate deems appropriate.

But who is really telling us what we need? Who knows what’s best for us and also has OUR best interests in mind? The only one is you.

Questioning authority, when appropriate, is excellent. We should always ask questions of those in “power” to understand why we are doing something. What better place to practice questioning the purpose behind every action than your yoga mat.

In a yoga class your teacher is not in a position of power. Regardless of how the teacher or class responds, you, as the student, are in power. Each time I walk into a class, I am eternally grateful for each student who decided to come that day. Without the people, I have no class. Even if your teacher is telling you when to breathe or what to do, at any time you have the power to speak up for yourself. Speak up for yourself when something doesn’t feel right and speak up when it feels fabulous.

Speak up for yourself and make conscious, educated decisions about how you are going to live your life. Start with baby steps like engaging in a dialogue during class with your yoga instructor. Maybe the next step will be to take on the dairy industry?

P.s. In my classes, we love to chat while we stretch, tone, and breathe =) Join me for a class, now offered 6 times a week!