What if your tension headache wasn’t because of tension? Stress and burnout can manifest as physical symptoms just as frequently as feelings of overwhelm. After letting my self-care routine slip for the last few weeks, I finally hit a wall – and it wasn’t pretty.

On this week’s episode, I’m sharing my personal experience with stress, how the universe slapped me across the face and helped me to realize what really matters, and how having a self-care plan (and actually sticking to it) can help dig you out of a stress induced hole.

What’s your secret to keeping stress at bay? I want to know! Leave me a message on Instagram (@hollaformala) or a voice message at 818-396-6501.

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What you’ll learn from this episode: 
– Signs of burnout and stress (and why your headache may not just be tension related)
– How to prevent burnout and stress
– Why having a self-care plan is critical to keeping stress and burnout at bay
– Why you can’t work harder to get yourself out of stress
– Why the universe will never hesitate to give you the reality check you need (exactly when you need it)

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