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Hi, I'm Alexandra Ellis, an anatomy loving body-nerd who enjoys breaking down complicated body concepts to help you maximize your performance for pain-free living.

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Improve Core and Spine Rotational Strength

For the most part, we move our body in very repetitive motions throughout the day. The Follow the Leader exercise will help to stretch your hips, inner thighs and lower back while strengthening all the same areas.

Core strength is more than just sit-ups – this exercise will challenge your core stability and how your abdominals tie in with the rest of your body and joints in a very fun way. If you’re suffering from low back pain, knee issues or you simply want to improve your posture, mastering this will help!
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Are you Aging Dynamically? Dynamic Aging Book Review

We’re all aging on a minute by minute basis, might as well make it as dynamic as possible! If you’ve been hanging around AE Wellness for some time, you know how much of a Katy Bowman fan I am. Her book Move Your DNA made it extremely clear to me that many of the pathologies and issues we are facing today come from our lack of movement (not exercise) and that you can fit movement into your day. Her approach of a lot of little moves throughout the day rather than 1-2 hours of hard exercise has greatly influenced my approach to movement.

Her latest book, Dynamic Aging, was co-authored with a group of septuagenarians who have been practicing Katy’s Nutritious Movement for the last decade. All of them share amazing stories within the pages of the book on how they were able to reverse issues that are seemingly only solved through surgical means. From organ prolapse, knee issues, shoulder issues to scoliosis pain -making micro adjustments and becoming more aware of your body throughout the day goes a long way. read more…

What Happens To Your Brain When You Meditate?

Meditation and mindfulness are quickly becoming the hot new trend – you can hardly get out of the grocery store without someone or something suggesting you try mindfulness. But meditation is hardly new – people have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years!

I imagine it was a lot easier to be mindful when you had only a few things to focus on each day – getting food, staying safe, and getting a good night’s rest as soon as the sun went down. We now have to handle notifications from everything with a battery and many of us, myself included, find it’s a lot hard to focus on a singular task.

what happens to your brain when you meditate - ae wellness

Improving focus and serenity is one of the draws of meditation – we all want to calm our mind instead of having the attention span of a gnat, but what really happens to your brain when you meditate? read more…

Hot Yoga – Yay or Nay?

I’ll be upfront and honest – I have never tried hot yoga. It’s been on my radar for some time, and since a new studio popped up in my neighborhood, I’m seriously considering checking it out.

But I’ve always wondered what the effect of heat and humidity is on the body. There’s a reason we don’t like to go outside to do anything when it’s 98˚ and 40% humidity. It feels extra hard on your body when you’re expending energy not only to complete a task but also sweating like crazy and trying to regulate body temperature.

the science behind hot yoga ae wellness
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Can Naps Help you Catch up on Sleep Debt?

I remember fighting naps when I was a kid. I never wanted to go lay down in the middle of the afternoon for fear that all the fun stuff would happen while I was catching Z’s. Fast forward 25 years and now I look forward to naps and can’t wait to get one!

We are one of the only mammals who do not nap on a regular basis and most of us are underslept on a regular basis. Even if you have convinced yourself that you can function off of 5 hours of sleep a night, the average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep. If you are “under sleeping” each night, you accumulate what is known as sleep debt.

can napping help you catch up on sleep ae wellness

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