Alexandra Ellis

Alexandra Ellis

Wellness Coach

Hi, I’m Alex!

Tension. Soreness. Cranky. Achy.

These are all nice words for something I call pain - and pain is something you don’t have to just deal with.

When you don’t feel good - everything suffers. Your relationships, Your home life, Your work life.

You’re not YOU when you’re in pain.

You can change the unchangeable starting today.

Kickstart your mobility habit, get stronger, and have less pain in just 4 weeks with the Mobility Mastery Toolkit.

It has everything you need including the perfect balance of stretching and strength that will help reprogram your brain how to move freely (and without pain). 

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How to keep your body safe in any workout class

Have you ever been asked if you have any injuries in a fitness class? It’s super common, especially if the teacher doesn’t know you.  But when a teacher asks what’s going on in your body and you tell them, you do so trusting that they know what to do with the...

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How to keep going even when your busy

Have you ever set Body Nerd Goals?  Getting consistent with my movement routine and workouts used to be a struggle. Even getting out of bed in the morning to head to a class felt like such a chore! But when a friend suggested I set some goals, everything changed. So I...

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Can I share something personal?

I LOVE helping busy women feel amazing every day. I literally bounce out of bed in the morning because helping you live a life of MORE fires me up. Seriously! And over the last month, I’ve seen what a massive impact having the plan, tools and help makes on this...

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Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Suck

I’m fed up with the BS idea that getting older automatically means your body is falling apart. I’m so sick of ads telling me that pills and surgery are the only way to fix my body. Because more often than not, they don’t work. If you truly want to get stronger and...

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When Doing Something Feels Too Hard

Have you ever set a super lofty workout goal like “I’ll go to the 6am spin class every week!”. But then the day comes, your alarm goes off at 5am and the LASTTTTT thing you want to do is crawl out of bed? What if instead of punishing yourself with workouts, they were...

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Why stretching isn’t enough

Being able to touch your toes isn’t much more than a fun party trick when you have aches and pains. And oftentimes, more stretching isn’t the solution for aches or recurring pains that flare their nasty heads up from time to time. But you don’t have to get more than...

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There’s a unicorn in your convertor 🦄

Conversations with healthcare providers can sometimes leave you feeling like a little kid being told what to do. It feels like they spend most of their time talking AT you, instead of WITH you. And to be honest, it’s not their fault - they’re the ones with the...

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How to heal an ankle sprain – fast!

If you have feet - you’ve probably experienced an ankle sprain at least once. And while hobbling around on a bruised and seriously cranky ankle is always an option, there are a few things you can do to speed up the healing process and get you back on your feet...

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