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Hi, I'm Alexandra Ellis, an anatomy loving body-nerd who enjoys breaking down complicated body concepts to help you maximize your performance for pain-free living.

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How Massage Works

When you get a massage is the therapist or therapy ball actually busting, blasting or melting fascia? Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you get a massage, whether it’s from a therapist or massage tool?

Massage is nothing new, in fact, evidence of it has been found in European cave paintings from as far back as 15,000 BC. So, what’s responsible for how amazing you feel as you float back into your day after a massage?

how massage works ae wellness

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Do I Need to Workout Everyday?

You need to brush your teeth every day and you need to eat every day. But you do not need to workout every day.

I know, it’s shocking and goes against what all the internet fitness gurus will tell you that you need to do for washboard abs and a chiseled physique, but I’ve got a secret – for most people in fitness, it is our job. We have time to go to the gym and take yoga and do all the things because that is how we pay our bills.

But for the rest of the world who has to work and take care of loved ones, going to the gym 5 days a week is not a possibility. And so, you may give up the notion of working out altogether. All or nothing, right?

do i need to workout every day - ae wellness

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The Right Way to Build Core Strength

80% of people suffer from back pain at some time in their lives – are you one of them?

You were moving something a bit heavier than usual and then BAM. You’ve thrown out your back. It hurts, but you’re busy, so you pop an Advil, ice it and get back to whatever you were doing.

Except the pain doesn’t go away.

Instead, it migrates to other parts of your body. Suddenly, your shoulders feel super tight. Then your neck starts to ache after a long day at the computer.

The internet proclaims: “better posture is the cure for back pain!”

So you sit up straight, buuuuuuut your muscles get tired and you end up in more pain than you started with.

the right way to build core strength ae wellness

Then the internet tells you to “do crunches and sit-ups – it’s the cure for back pain!”

So you try crunches and it aggravates your neck, long before you ever feel anything in your abs. read more…

Knee Health 101: Ligaments (ACL, PCL, MCL, Oh My!)

What do 4-time Superbowl winner Tom Brady, USA women’s World Cup winner Alex Morgan, and Rob Gronkowski have in common? They’ve all suffered from ACL injury and returned to play after rehab.

The knee is an interesting joint – unlike the hip, it’s not built for stability but rather movement, and relies on 4 major ligaments to help support it.

knee health 101 knee ligaments - ae wellness

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The Types of Muscle and Fascia that Hold your Body Together

Without muscle and connective tissue, you wouldn’t have a heartbeat, be able to move, or keep your skin in place. They’re quite important to life as we know it!

There are 600-700 muscles in the average human body and it accounts for about 40% of total body weight. While your heart, intestines, vessels and biceps are all made of muscle, they are made up of distinctly different types of muscle tissue.

types of muscle and fascia what holds your body together - ae wellness

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