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Hi, I'm Alexandra Ellis, an anatomy loving body-nerd who enjoys breaking down complicated body concepts to help you maximize your performance for pain-free living.

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What causes knots, trigger points and adhesions?

If you’ve ever had an upper back massage, you’ve probably felt the lumps and bumps, commonly referred to as “knots”. But what are these really?

Remember when I wrote to you about the super important body fabric called fascia? Trigger points, knots and adhesions all happen in the fascia.

In the case of your upper back – trigger points form due to the overstretching of the tissues that happens when you slouch. Now, this doesn’t happen after one day of slouching, but the buildup of slouchy time that probably is not just happening while you’re seated, but also when you stand.

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When was the last time you experienced quiet?

Life is noisy. From phone notifications, family members, the fridge humming along to Alexa reminding you to order more dog food, there is a ton of ambient noise that you are probably not even aware of.

There are even some noises you can’t audibly hear – yet they can be just as disruptive as a loud concert. EMF (electromagnetic fields) from wifi routers (both yours and your neighbor’s), wifi enabled devices, the Bluetooth-enabled FitBit on your wrist to cell phone towers that give your phone the ability to make calls.

Whether you can hear it or not – life is noisy.

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If sitting is the new smoking, is standing better?

Have you heard the claim that “sitting is the new smoking”? While it may seem a bit dramatic, it’s not entirely untrue.

The claim comes from recent studies that have shown that a sedentary lifestyle (aka not moving) can lead to an increased risk for certain cancers, linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, muscle weakness, decreased circulation, and tight hips, to name just a few things that are affected.

But while sitting has been villainized, it’s not sitting that’s the issue – it’s the lack of movement. And if you’re still SITTING there saying you don’t sit (see what I did there? 😉), add up the time you spend at the kitchen table, on the couch or floor at night, commuting to/from work and at your desk.

If you’re like the average American, you’re probably sitting around 14 hours a day.

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When it comes to the body, it’s all connected

Anatomy and the science of the body have traditionally been taught as a bunch of parts smushed together to make a human.

The books make it seem like everything is perfectly neat, tidy and in its “correct” place and has little to no relationship to what’s happening in other parts.

What they didn’t teach you in school (or the school of life, for that matter) is that EVERYTHING is connected inside your body.

And the major lesson that most of us have missed is that while muscles are important, fascia is where it’s at.

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Injury? Make sure you do these 3 things first

Getting an injury is awful. But what’s the best course of action when you’re not feeling your best?

Is it RICE? Is it nothing? Is it icing? WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?

I bring this up because I’ve answered a ton of questions the last few weeks about injuries, be it ankle sprains, foot pain or back issues. The good news for us is that there are a few steps you can take post-injury, regardless of the specific type of injury you’ve endured.

Here are the 3 things to do if you have an injury or pain:

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