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Hi, I'm Alexandra Ellis, an anatomy loving body-nerd who enjoys breaking down complicated body concepts to help you maximize your performance for pain-free living.

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Your Aches and Pains are NOT Because You’re Older

Your shoulder may hurt. Your feet may be in pain. Your hips may be tight.

But none of these are because of your age. 😱

It may seem like you woke up one morning and suddenly your shoulder hurt and you can no longer touch your toes, but I promise you it didn’t happen that way.

Even more frustrating is when you get yourself to the doctor to finally do something about this new lack of mobility and pain and the only response they have is “well, you’re another year older”.

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What to Do When You Have No Time for Self-Care

The number one reason people tell me they aren’t moving on a regular basis or practicing self-care is that they don’t have any time.

I get it – time’s a limited resource. We can’t make more and much of it is already claimed by family, work, and other obligations.

This is the same story I told myself before I committed to practicing self-care regularly. If you can make time to brush your teeth or wash your face every day, you absolutely can make time for movement and self-care.

no time for self care forward fold hamstring stretch ae wellness

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When Is it Time to Go to the Doctor?

A question came recently on a coaching call with my Structurally Sound students: When is it time to head to a specialist and stop trying to muscle through injury or pain on your own?

If you’re dealing with regularly recurring aches and pains, you too may have wondered when it’s time to stop trying to roll it out and get your butt to a doctor.

The truth? It depends.

doctor hand shoulder when is it time to go to a doctor for an injury?

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Stop Doing Things You Hate

There’s a very popular reservoir here in LA that has a constant stream of people walking and running around it. With the little outdoor space we have in this sprawling city, people want to take advantage of dirt and daylight.

But if I had a dollar for every person who runs past you at the reservoir with the look of absolute disgust on their face? I’d be a millionaire by now.

I see more people who look like they LOATHE running with every fiber of their being than those who seem to really like it. I get not liking running – it’s a technical skill that very few of us have taken the time to master, but what I will never understand is doing things we don’t like.

While doctor appointments, taxes, and family affairs can be non-negotiable, one of the things you get complete control over is what you CHOOSE for self-care.

So why are we choosing things we can’t stand!?

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Your Body is Always Growing

Did you know that your body never stops growing (and I’m not talking about around the middle)?

It’s true! And while I may never grow the extra two inches my mom kept promising I would in college, the cells inside my body (and yours) are constantly renewing.

Almost every single cell in your body will be replaced at some time. I say almost because there are certain ones that you are born with that never turnover, such as brain cells and the lenses in your eyes.

But for every other cell in your body, at some point (on average, about 2 years), it will have served its time and will need to be replaced. Which means that we always have the opportunity to create change in the body, even if it’s just one cell at a time!

your body is always growing

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