March 6-12, 2024
Puerto Vallarta, MX

– Here’s what you get –

🤸‍♀️ DAILY MOVEMENT CLASSES to unwind soreness, tension and pain throughout your entire body. Every class is tailored to your needs and will teach you how to build sustainable strength, long after you get home.

🥘 GOURMET MEALS where you’ll enjoy fresh and delicious meals prepared by an expert chef so you can forget about meal prep and planning for a few days. And yes, we will cater to any and all dietary preferences.

🧘‍♀️ GUIDED MINDFULNESS AND RELAXATION at the end of each day with different research-backed techniques to help you increase focus, create a deep sense of mental clarity and better manage stress, even when you get home.

📚 BOOK CLUB BEACH DAY so you can make a dent in that TBR pile and grab your favorite book to join us for a relaxing afternoon on the sand. No book? No problem! Enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach regardless.

🏊‍♀️ NIGHTLY POOL PARTY so you can cool down and relax before drifting off to sleep. Plus, just being in water helps improve lymphatic draining and reduce swelling. It's a win, win!

🧖‍♀️ SKIN FITNESS SESSION with an expertly curated facial (products included) we’ll do together so you can pamper yourself from the outside in. You’ll be ready for your beachy no-makeup selfie (if you want)!

Plus, these bonuses:

🌮 TACO + SWEETS TOUR for a taste and tour of the Zona Romántica and the best flavors in all of Puerto Vallarta!

🛍️SWAG BAG with everything you need to stay relaxed, hydrated, and pampered!

👩‍🏫 HOUR LONG 1:1 WITH ALEX so you can check in on your form and get to the root of why you're still having pain (current Movement Mavens only)


MAVENS 👉 $3800 USD until Dec 1, 2024, then $4560 USD 

NON MAVEN 👉 $4600 USD until Dec 1, 2024, then $5520 USD

SHARED 👉 $5900 USD until Dec 1, 2024, then $7080 USD

save $400 off all registrations!

MAVENS - $3400 USD
NON MAVEN  - $4200 USD
SHARED  - $5500 USD

(advanced registration valid until July 8 2024 only)

Pay in full - save $600 off any registration!

No fee for payment plans and NO refunds.

Read full Terms & Conditions here.

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