Therapy balls

Unlock better movement and relieve tension

This all-in-one solution is designed to help you move better and feel better…

with all the tools you need!

What’s Included:

🌟 Movement Mavens Therapy Balls: A pair of therapy balls perfect for targeting hard-to-reach knots in your upper back, neck, and shoulders. These balls provide precise pressure to release tension and improve muscle function.

🌟 Customizable Grippy Massage Ball (The Softy): Inflate this specialized massage ball to your desired firmness for full-body relaxation and effective abdominal massage. Its grippy texture provides deep tissue relief and fascial stretching exactly where you need it.

🌟 Stretchy Mobility Floss Band: This versatile band aids in joint recovery and helps reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. Ideal for improving flexibility and promoting faster recovery.

Why You’ll Love It:

✅ Pain Relief: Target and alleviate pain in hard-to-reach areas.

✅ Improved Mobility: Enhance your range of motion and flexibility.

✅ Easy-to-use and Portable: Take your mobility routine anywhere with this compact kit.

✅ Versatile: Suitable for a variety of exercises and massage techniques.


Plus, this awesome bonus!

🎁 Therapy Ball Starter Pack: 12 easy-to-follow videos to show you how to get the most out of your brand new Therapy Balls.

Learn how to use therapy balls to get rid of pain for your lower legs, feet, ankles, hips, low back, pelvis, upper back, shoulders, neck and jaw!

(a $37 value – yours FREE🙌)



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