Here’s how it works:

Once your payment is complete, I’ll send you the info on booking our first call, the Mobility Assessment.

On this call, I’ll design you a workout plan that amplifies your wellness and gets you on track to feeling stronger (and without pain) based on how you’re moving now.

We’ll meet virtually every week for the next 3 months to further refine your plan and work through anything that comes up.

Between sessions, you’ll do your wellness workout plan and targeted body-weight workouts for your hips, shoulders, core, posture, and spine.

You’ll also get access to monthly workouts, office hours, trainings, and more inside of Movement Mavens. 

I’m so glad you’re here and even more excited to get things rolling!

Structurally Sound includes:

👉 A Mobility Assessment to evaluate your posture, movement, and develop a workout plan that’s perfectly tailored to your body and needs

👉 Weekly video coaching calls to help you keep making progress

👉 A custom portal with a playlist of all of your videos to easily access whatever you need

👉 A printable PDF of your custom workout plan

👉 A Full Body Mobility Kit with all the self-care and massage tools you need to get the most out of your body maintenance program

👉 Clarity and support on exactly what to focus on so you can start feeling better right away

Booking information, including my calendar will be sent to you after checkout.

Questions? [email protected]

 or text 818-396-6501





Structurally Sound Private Coaching - options - Monthly
$497.00 / month
Full Body Therapy Ball Kit
Order Total $497.00


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