Tired of waking up with neck pain?

Frustrated with jaw pain and still grinding through your bite guards?

Join me for my FREE workshop below to learn 5 fixes for jaw and neck pain that are so easy, you can do them sitting at your desk!

A simple solution to tension headaches, clicking jaw, neck pain and shoulder pain is just a moments away…

I really appreciated finding this program during a recent jaw pain episode. Alex has put together a great set of videos that walks you through helpful self-massage, mindfulness and some fun strengthening moves. The set up is simple with all the videos on one page and the printable calendar was great for keeping track of everything. Thanks so much for making this available, it really helped me!

Jennifer C

I could not be more happy with the instruction and exercises I received from this Self-Care Startup Guide. I came away from the program knowing exactly what kinds of exercises and movements I needed to incorporate into my daily routine and that has been very helpful. It’s very clear that Alex knows exactly how the body works and I have no doubt in my mind that her program and the information/videos she has shared would be helpful to anyone. Thanks Alex!!

Erick B

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