September 2019

Hips and Squats

Sessions this Month

Book Club [Move Your DNA]
Ch 5-10

Tuesday, September 10 @ 4:30 pm PT

Brain Lab [Monthly Training]

Tuesday, September 24 @ 4:30pm PT

Hips Ahoy

  • Bodywork: Roll out hips!
  • Leg Stretch #1
    • Active
    • with Strap
  • Donkey Reach
  • All 4’s Knee to Chest
  • Kneeling Pelvic Rotations
  • Wide Stance Lunge
  • Standing Bird Taps
  • Pelvic Rotations
  • Clock Taps
    • add block
  • Abductor Lifts
    • Add Lunge
  • Walk the Plank with blocks
  • Leg Stretch #3 with Therapy Balls

Book Club

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman

Move Your DNA explains the science behind our need for natural movement – right down to the cellular level. It examines the differences between the movements in a typical hunter – gatherer’s life and the movements in our own. It shows the many problems with using exercise like movement vitamins instead of addressing the deeper issue of a poor movement diet. Best of all, Move Your DNA contains the corrective exercises, habit modifications, and simple lifestyle changes we need to make in order to free ourselves from disease and discover our naturally healthy, reflex driven selves. 


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