Structurally Sound Week 3




Anatomy of the Shoulder
Therapy Ball Sequence - Shoulder Rescue
Strong Stable Shoulders Class


  1. ann.merle.feldman

    LOVED this comprehensive, but completely accessible, tour of the shoulders! Bravo!!,

  2. catherine

    Wow what a tour guide through the anatomy os the shoulders,!!!! So fluent. Inspired.

  3. Rebecca

    This was so great! My shoulders were smoked, but in a good way. And I loved the dynamic movements of walk the plank and bear crawls.

  4. beth.damm

    Thank you so much! Loved the classes and thank you so much for the inspiration & passion for self-care!

  5. rnagey

    Loved the class, I love doing core work and making sure that I engage the shoulders properly when doing push-ups and planks. I always feel so uncoordinated when I do the bear crawl though. For some reason, lateral movement is so much easier for me than the forward and back.

  6. Dianne

    Loved this entire class. I especially love the push up progression! As mom of five buff, athletic guys and one equally buff, athletic (in a female way) daughter, I have always wanted to conquer push-ups with super good form, no cheating! Now it seems within reach – with concerted practice of course! I feared how the asymmetrical leg work would be tolerated by my fussy SI joint but with my mindset on keeping my core engaged and stabilizing, all went well! Bear walks were fun, energizing and exhausting! Great sequence! Now to talk my hubby into doing this practice with me

    • Alexandra Ellis

      So awesome to hear! And good luck talking the husband into it only took me 4 years to get my husband to a class! LOL


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