Structurally Sound Week 5


Anatomy of the Spine
Therapy Ball Sequence - Spine Scrub
Posture Rehab Class


  1. Amanda Campos

    I’ve bee having some serious trouble with my hips for awhile, which has led to some pains down the rest of my leg. I often get hip cramps and love these exercises. I’ve been combining them but curious how many days a week you recommend doing them? Can this be done daily until i see larger improvements?

    • Alexandra Ellis

      I would try them every other day and leave at least 48 hours in between. This will give your tissues (and you!) a chance to recover before you go again. You might consider alternating between the exercises one day and the therapy ball sequence the next. So happy to hear that you’re enjoying the exercises!

  2. rnagey

    Oblique work is my favorite, right after abs. Feels so good, and so good for your body. These are great tips for body positioning.

    • Alexandra Ellis

      totally agree! and so good for your posture and core strength since life doesn’t happen in one direction 🙂


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