I feel like I’m running out of time: time for myself, for my family, for my life. But what is time other than a constraint we put on ourselves? The past is nothing but our memories. The future is nothing more than our imagination. And when you look at your watch, all that exists is that exact moment.

I have a lot on my plate right now. And with the start of Therapy Dog classes this week with Ella, I have added one more. But life is what we make of it, right? So how do you find your silver lining when it seems that you don’t even have time for a trip to the loo?

If time is our own invention, than how can you be out of time? It’s like having an imaginary friend and then having a fight with that imaginary friend. Is your anger actually real? No. Your imaginary friend and any thoughts or feelings associated with him/her are as real as your friend is. Granted, if you have an imaginary friend, you obviously believe that they are real or you wouldn’t have one. But isn’t time a little like this? Time and the stress it brings exist only because we allow them to. We are worried about the past – and so we are stressed. We worry about the future and things we cannot control – and so we are stressed. But what if we came to mutual agreement that time and all it’s nonsense only are real because we allow them to be?

Ella doesn’t worry about the past or the future. She lives in that exact moment, and man, does she live it to the fullest. She joined me on New Years Eve at my friend’s party and worked the room like a pro. Made me so proud =) I am pretty sure she wasn’t worried about how many more people she would have to perform or look cute for – she was enjoying the attention.

I think we have some things to learn from our present minded companions. And if I had a penny for every time I worried about the future or reflected on the past, I’d be a few dollars richer. But here I sit, concerned about the stack of stuff I have left to do, and how it wasn’t all completed yesterday, but will it ever be done? If it ever got to the point where it was all done, to be quite honest, I’d be bored out of my mind.

So, Time, we meet again, but this time – I’m going to let you slide…

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