Body Nerd Garage

October 13-14 – Burbank, CA
Saturday/Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm

Has it been 10,000 miles since your last body tune-up? Join us at the Body Nerd Garage for a weekend of fresh techniques and strategies to keep your strength and flexibility humming along.

Your mobility, flexibility, strength, aches, and pains are a reflection of what you do most with your body. And if that answer is a lot of the same, be it the same workouts or the same sitting day in and day out, it will be a sum total of that.

Whether you need to shake up your routine with something new or get some hands-on-help for a current injury or tweak, the Body Nerd Garage will help you run smoothly for the next 10,000 miles.

What you’ll get:

  • 8 movement sessions covering everything from new therapy ball techniques, proper strengthening strategies and how to stress less on the regular
  • Brand new therapy ball techniques to soothe the aches of pains of common tension areas (shoulders, neck, upper back, hips, low back and more).
  • Uncover the gaps – figure out where you’re strongest, weakest, tight or too bendy and what you should be doing to bring balance to your body.
  • A self-care toolkit with everything you need to get stronger and more flexible
  • Leave with a self-care and strengthening plan tailor-made for you and where you’re at right now

Plus: I’m super excited to be welcoming a special guest, Dr. Sarah Court, DPT! Sarah will join us for a session and answer all of your physical therapy and high-level body nerd questions!

Burbank, CA

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