Weekly Live Chats

Week 1


Topics covered:

How to use the exercise calendar and course site

Why Mobility Matters as the first class

Knee anatomy (it is a modified hinge joint)

Modifications and support for SI joint, scoliosis and diastasis recti

Prioritize alignment over repetitions!

Resources for this week:

Diastasis Recti: The Whole Body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation by Katy Bowman

Knee Ligaments and Knee Health

Week 2


Topics covered:

Why core and breathing matter

How breathing induces relaxation

Types of stretching

Importance of variability and novelty in your movement

Resources for this week:

Week 3 from the Archive – Importance of Eccentric Training

How Muscle Contraction Works

Week 3


Topics covered:

Why strong and stable shoulders matter

How to craft your own home mobility practice


Week 4


Topics covered:

Hips ahoy! Let’s get stable

How to set yourself for the most comfy (and pain-free) sleep


Week 5

Topics covered:

Posture Matters – why sitting up straight is so hard

How passive rolling can help expose movement errors

The difference (and importance) of the inner core vs. outer core muscles

How to release your diaphragm (and why you should be)

Resources for this week:

Primal Rolling Patterns for Core Sequencing and Development

Diaphragm Massage from Week 5 Therapy Ball Sequence

Week 6


Topics covered:

How to read research articles and discern fact from fiction

Resources for this week:

Google Scholar

Washington Post – Health Hazards of Sitting