AE Wellness Minimum Resale Pricing (“MRP”) Policy

AE Wellness (“the Company”) is dedicated to maintaining the high standards of its products for end users. To preserve the integrity of our brand, product quality, and user experience, we have established this Minimum Resale Pricing (“MRP”) Policy for all Online Resellers.

The suggested retail price for each AE Wellness product is the MSRP listed on the website at For products sold through an online platform (including your personal website) with free shipping, the sale price must be a minimum of 10% above the MSRP.

Selling products through third-party outlets such as Amazon, EBay,, etc., is strictly forbidden without prior written permission from the Company. Any wholesaler found selling through these channels will immediately lose all wholesale privileges without any recourse for the return of inventory acquired for sale through these outlets.

Any advertisement, discount offer, or sale that results in unit pricing below the specified price is a breach of this Policy and will lead to an immediate, unilateral halt of further inventory shipments to the violating Online Reseller. The Company reserves the right to repurchase the violating Online Reseller’s existing inventory at the time of the Policy breach to mitigate market disruption caused by sales below the MSRP.

While the Company does not seek agreement from any reseller to comply with the Policy, it will unilaterally enforce the MSRP floor prices. Adherence to the Policy is at the Online Reseller’s discretion.

Online Resellers must report any product or shipping issues related to their purchases within 7 days of receiving the product. We will not honor any returns or refunds after this period.

All return requests for products bought through Online Resellers must be handled, returned to, and refunded by the Online Reseller according to their refund policy.

Upon request, Online Resellers must provide the Company’s Policy Administrator with a list of all online stores and platforms where the Company’s products are sold, along with any associated reseller identification names.

The Company may modify, suspend, or terminate the Policy in whole or in part at any time, or designate promotional periods during which the terms of the Policy are not applicable.

The Company retains the right to alter this MRP and its applicable product list at its sole discretion.

For any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the Policy, please contact the Company by email at [email protected].


This Policy is effective as of June 11, 2024.