Mobility is not about touching your toes, twisting yourself into a pretzel or being super bendy. The focus my Mobility sessions is to erase stiffness, improve your posture, and facilitate better breathing so you can live, move and train pain free.

When you are working out consistently every week, you’re probably sore and stiff more often than not. Roll Model Therapy Balls help alleviate the pain and accelerate recovery, allowing you to perform better during your next workout. A 2012 study found that massage after a workout decreases the amount of inflammatory chemicals and increases the number of mitochondria (power house cells) in your muscles. This means that not only will you be less sore, but your muscles will also have more energy creating cells within them!

Mobility MattersDo you sit, use a cell phone, or drive a car on a daily basis? Our furniture and technology, while awesome, create the perfect stressors that leave our bodies locked into slouched positions. When you move (or don’t move) in the same ways every day, your tissues can become peppered with trigger points and adhesions. Add the repetitive stiffness that sets in after a hard workout, and your muscles become frozen in their own spider web like fuzz. YTU Therapy Balls help to release tension and melt the fuzz while simultaneously improving the glide-ability between layers of muscle and tissue. Being more slippery on the inside means you can move through your full range of motion at every joint, instead of being limited by inflexibility.

Sure, we could sit around and do static stretches, but creating commotion in and around the multiple muscle layers is far more effective for improving flexibility. If you want to change your body for the better, self-massage with Roll Model Therapy Balls is the way to go. But here’s the catch – you can’t just use any old tool for your myofascial release. Unlike a harder tool, like a lacrosse ball or foam roller, the Therapy Balls can nuzzle into all the nooks and crannies of your body, without pinching or bruising the tissue. Instead of steam rolling over trigger points, the therapy balls are able to unwind knots at every level, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

We all want to improve our technique and see continuous strength gains, but did you know that posture and position play a key role in your progress? The shape you are in for 7 hours at your desk is not conducive to creating explosive power to get a heavy barbell or kettlebell off the floor. Being able to create the maximum amount of force is dependent on your position, which is negatively impacted by a lack of flexibility. Setting your next PR could be as simple as improving your shoulders ability to go overhead without comprising your spine. Seriously.

Upcoming Events

  • February 5-7: YTU Integrated Embodied Anatomy Training (Black Dog Yoga, Sherman Oaks, CA)
  • February 21: Mobility for Performance: Total Body Treatment (Nerdstrong Gym, North Hollywood, CA)
  • February 28: Banish Back Pain (Yoga Vibe at the Village, Glendale CA)
  • March 12: The Roll Model® Method: The Science of Rolling (CrossFit SolCity, Hollywood CA)
  • March 20: Tackle Your Tension: Total Body Treatment (Unfold Yoga, Brea CA)
  • April 2: Tackle Your Tension: Total Body Treatment (Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara CA)
  • April 3: The Roll Model® Method: The Science of Rolling (Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara CA)

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