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Movement Managed

How to get stronger and more flexible without hurting yourself in the process

This Masterclass Starts In:








Do you want to…


Actually know why everyone is telling you that you need a stronger core?


Wake up tomorrow stronger and more flexible (without hurting yourself in the process)?


Trust your body again (and have confidence in how you move)?


Learn how to build strength from the inside out?

Waking up each morning with less pain, a body that can keep up with your adventures, and feeling way less stressed about movement doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

Join me for Movement Managed and I’ll show you how

you’ll learn how to…

Get Stronger

With every move you do, supported by a core that’s got your back (literally).

Get Flexible

By keeping it simple with techniques and tools that work with you – not against you.

Get Powerful

Learn how to chill out, sleep better, nourish yourself from the inside out, and stop feeling like a burnt piece of toast.


Hey there, I’m Alexandra Ellis, a Body Nerd, Self-Care expert and creator of AE Wellness.

After 20 years of sitting at a desk as a full-time student, my body was a hot mess. The list of fitness and movement things I couldn’t do was much longer than the list of things I could.

Even with my degree in Exercise Biology I was still struggling with regular tension headaches, shoulder injuries, and generally felt like I was trapped in a body I didn’t fully understand.

I was exhausted and stressed out of my mind. But all of that changed as I started to dive deep into the science of the body.

I learned everything I could about the body: how it works, where it starts to break down and how to keep everything running smoothly with regular maintenance. I used what I learned to teach others in group classes and workshops, corporate wellness presentations, and teacher trainings.  I also became a lead YTU Teacher Trainer and am helping to launch our newest offering at 24 Hour Fitness locations nationwide.  

Most of us are diligent about getting our cars in for an oil change and service on a regular schedule – but when was the last time you did any maintenance on your body?

I am stronger now at 30 years old than I ever dreamed possible, and I owe that entirely to moving more every day. I am no longer riddled with jaw pain, neck pain, sciatica, IT band issues, plantar fasciitis, or the myriad of injuries I’ve experienced over the years.

I no longer let injuries or my fear of my lack of strength keep me from doing anything.

And when I wake up a little bit sore or stiff from my activities the day before? I know exactly what to do to make my body feel like a million bucks all over again.

The sky’s the limit and all it takes is a daily dose of movement, mindfulness, and self-care.

Through trial and error, I have found core work and posture as key ingredients to help strengthen and help my lower back.

And while I’ve worked with other coaches, Alex puts all the pieces together unlike anyone else. I learned proper posture and the relationship between various muscles.

There’s so much material that I’m still digesting but thoroughly enjoyed it all!



Alex’s teaching brings a heightened awareness to shoulders, core, hips, spine, feet, hands! She’s not only creative with the therapy ball self-massage work but creative also in the movements that accompany it. This lets you explore your body in new and different ways…and it makes the work fun! Time goes fast because she is so informative and engaging. I enjoyed it thoroughly!


Yoga Teacher

As a massage therapist for 12+ years my body is tired.  And, when I spend time teaching others in a mobility class it doesn’t give me the time that I need to work on my own mobility.  

Everything Alex puts out has been helpful, not only for myself but for my students and massage clients.

 I loved working together because it allowed me to have time to work through my own aches and pains at my own pace and my own time-no need to figure out how to fit a class into my already busy schedule.  Rebecca

Massage Therapist and Yoga Tune Up Teacher

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