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Here’s what you’ll learn inside Movement Mavens®:

  • The right exercises to keep your body strong, flexible, and injury-free.
  • How to strengthen your core without doing boring exercises that aggravate your body.
  • What good posture looks and feels like for you, and how to strengthen your body there
  • The confidence to start building your own injury-proof workouts
  • Science-backed strategies to help you build rock-solid habits that stick.
  • The underlying causes so you can get rid of pain for good.


What you get:

  • Live Garage Party strength workouts that will get your heart rate up as you learn how to lift weights effectively
  • Live monthly Brain Lab Trainings, Office Hours + Hot Seats so that you can learn cutting-edge mobilizations and activations to keep your body feeling amazing
  • Mobility Workout Plans curated by body area with best exercises that will make the biggest change to your strength and flexibility (and take less than 15-mins/day)
  • 5 Pillars of Sustainable Strength: a video & audio course that will teach you the Movement Mavens Method – aka the perfect mix of bodywork, stretching, and strength to get stronger and more flexible for your hips, lower back, core, posture, and more
  • Accountability and support from our amazing community of kickass women in our private member’s group (and no, it’s not just a FB group)

Plus discounts on all of my events and access to me so that Google isn’t your first stop when something hurts 🙈

Your investment starts at $97/month

Here’s what clients are saying about Movement Mavens & working with Alex:



“I feel like it’s really opened my eyes to how the different parts of my body work together.
It’s also helped me feel better!
Because after only doing stretches on my hip for 6 months to a year, I was still having pain and couldn’t run, or if I ran, I couldn’t move for another 3 weeks. And now I can run because I know what to do afterwards.”



“I feel like I have a superpower to stop injuries before they happen and notice when my body needs to rest…I have self-care awareness now.”

“I decided to join MM to help get some of my chronic aches and pains under control in a way that was accessible during the pandemic.

“I’d always relied on having bodywork and massage done by other practitioners before, but once that was no longer an option, I needed something that was safe and doable. Now, I easily fit bodywork into my weekly routine, without it feeling like a chore or a major extravagance that I have to “earn”.

“Knowing that I can take care of myself feels super empowering.”


“The podiatrist gave me two options to fix my 3-year on and off Achilles tendonitis; surgery or stop hiking and running. I said no to both options. I found Alex and within 3 months of her specific exercises, I am back to hiking with no issues. Running is next on the horizon.”


As a side sleeper, I tweaked my neck and 3 days later I was in worse shape than when it started.

“THANK YOU is all I can say – the videos help with the occasional tension that builds up in my neck and shoulders and it’s a lifesaver to have them handy when sleeping really toyed with my neck.”