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Move Smart

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A free workshop series that will teach you how to get stronger, recover faster, and break up with soreness, tension and pain…in less than 15 mins a day.


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About Your Coach: Alexandra Ellis

Wellness Coach, Body Nerd, Motivational Speker and Creator of AE Wellness

My name is Alex and I teach people how to fix themselves. Whether it’s soreness, tension, stiffness or pain – you can change the unchangeable and life without pain is 100% possible. My teaching and studies focus on injury prevention, rehabilitation and wellness, inspired by my studies at UC Davis where I earned a BS in Exercise Biology. I’ve dedicated my life to better understanding how the body works so you take back control of your self-care, strength, and injury recovery.

I can teach you how to be the expert of you and how to be confident in your skin and confident and trusting of your body.

You’re not you when you’re in pain – so let’s get you back to the version of you who is strong, confident and moves with ease!