What would you do if you were pain-free, every day?
Interested? Let’s talk

Imagine if you…

  • Trusted your body and what it could do.
  • Never worried about hurting yourself when trying something new.
  • Knew exactly which movements to do on a regular basis (and actually did them) so that you felt stronger and had less pain every single day.
  • Finally unlock your body, how it works, and how to keep it fine-tuned for the rest of your life (Because you’ve figured out and worked your way through everything else, why should this be different?)
  • Stopped worrying about your body and started living your life, enjoying adventures with your family, knocking big goals off your bucket list and never ever stopping to think twice about if your body can get you there.

Your body has the infinite capacity to heal. But figuring out exactly what it takes so that you can wake up every day feeling stronger and with less pain than the day before wasn’t in the manual.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never even seen the manual!

So what is it? Is it sugar? Spice? Everything nice?


Now, I won’t lie and say it’s a quick fix – but if you’re here for the journey and ready to transform your health and well being, then I’m here to tell you that everything you dream of is 100% possible.

If your pain isn’t going away and you’ve tried all the things (like pills, people, and procedures) – what’s missing?

Most treatments are too specialized and passive.

You and your body are inseparable. Whole. Complete. And treating just a single piece (like your back pain, neck pain, or weak core) without addressing the rest of you is a guaranteed way to leave you playing catchup with injuries for the rest of your life. A lasting fix is making you the most important piece of your healing puzzle. When you become your own expert, YOU are the best advocate for your health. And what does an expert do? Just imagine being able to tune in and listen to the subtle cues of your body (and then do exactly what you need in the moment, instead of just guessing).

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Chances are your pain didn’t appear out of thin air. Even if it seems like you woke up one day and it was there, it was brewing beneath the surface for some time. Even if you weren’t aware. Does that mean we’re all ticking time bombs? Not at all – but if you’re in pain now, chances are you have some pretty awesome compensations around it that are creating their own issues. Alignment matters – and how you are moving 99% of your day is 100% more important than the 1 hour you spend moving well as you exercise. The more time you spend in better posture and alignment throughout your entire day, the better your body moves (and the less energy it requires!).

You are the solution.

It’s time to break up with your pain management and become the most important piece of your healing journey. While massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture are fantastic – they don’t have to be your first line of defense. Imagine if you knew exactly what self-massage techniques and exercises to do when you woke up with a stiff neck. Or exactly how to calm down your cranky feet after a day spent on your feet. Instead of putting up with aches and pains – what if YOU knew the solution and were able to do it for yourself in the moment? Just imagine how much time you’d get back not having to drive from appointment to appointment and sit in waiting rooms!

How do I know that this is possible?

Because at 19, I hurt my back at work and started to have sciatic nerve pain. No one told me yet that aches and pains were just a part of getting older (which is a total lie, btw), so I hightailed it quickly to physical therapy and was diagnosed with a bulging disk.

I did the traditional set of 6 sessions (and tried to fire my PT half way) because it felt like I was the only one interested in getting me out of pain. And while I knew it wouldn’t be instant, I also knew that laying around on heat packs wasn’t going to be a long-term solution. It wasn’t until we finally got on the same page that priority #1 was getting me out of pain, that things finally started to shift.

But it wasn’t guaranteed. I was sent on my way and told that I needed to work on my “core strength”.

My first thoughts were “what the heck is core strength and where can I buy it?”

That injury sent me on a path to learn everything I could about the human body, how it works, and what happens when it doesn’t. But I wanted more than just the theory I got from my textbooks. I wanted something super tangible, do-able and 100% practical for me.

It would be great if my story ended there, but it doesn’t. Every new injury became an opportunity to dive deeper into the rabbit hole of the magical human body.

Like when I was forced to learn how important shoulders are and how to make them strong and stable only after I dislocated both biceps tendons.

Or when I learned firsthand how it’s all connected when my IT band began picking up the slack for my weak obliques. Knee pain was not going to slow me down – so back to basics and I went and kicked that pain to the curb.

Or the chronic tension headaches that were brought on by stress, TMJ, and jaw clenching (which, by the way, was never diagnosed by my dentist). When your doctor tells you nothing is wrong but your pain is 100% real, I knew then that I would have to figure this one out on my own. And figure it out I did.

Every injury was a pain in the neck (sometimes literally), but it brought me even closer to understanding not just how debilitating pain is, but exactly what steps are needed to get you strong and keep you out of pain.

For good.

With a degree in Exercise Biology, experience in physical therapy and athletic training, and almost 10 years of training people in body-weight strength and stretch programs, I now teach people in months what took me so long to figure out: how to get out of pain and get stronger and more flexible in the process.

I’ve made the missteps and mistakes so your journey to pain-free, every day will not have to take you 10 years. We can get you there much, much, faster.

I now have:


Made movement a lifestyle, and will never stop and start again (even if I do take breaks from time to time)


The strength and flexibility to do whatever I want, whenever I want


No more second guessing if I’m doing it “right” or worrying about getting hurt.

Not to mention…


Are there days where I sleep weird and wake up stiff?

Of course.


Do I still get sore from working out?

Yes, I’m still human.


Do injuries happen?

Only due to accidents and I now know exactly what to do to get back to 100%.

But I know now exactly how to maintain my body so that it is able to take me on all the adventures I want.


And you can too.

Join me…

inside Structurally Sound Online and I’ll teach you how to become the expert of your own body, and exactly what you need to do to get stronger and out of pain.


Surgery is NOT the answer


Another Brace is NOT the answer


More physical therapy is NOT the answer.


You DON'T need a warm up.

You don’t need another workout plan. You don’t need to waste anymore time googling solutions for your injuries that seem to never go away.


You need...

… consistency around your self-care, movement, and mindfulness that is easy (and fun!) to do, so that you keep showing up.


You need...

… a radical lifestyle shift so that you finally feel like you are enjoying life to the fullest, feeling pure joy and showing up as the woman you have always wanted to be.


It is possible...

… to move through your day with ease, feeling confident in your body and its ability to take you anywhere.


It's time...

… to learn about how your body works and what’s happening when it doesn’t so you can take charge of your health and wellbeing (and stop relying on other people to tell you what’s wrong).

Structurally Sound is a 6-week guided movement program that will teach you the exact steps to less pain every day, how to avoid surgery, and how to get stronger.


And make pain-free every day your new normal.

In six weeks, you’ll learn:

Confidence + trust in your body

to be able to move as you want without fear of hurting yourself

A plan

so you don’t have to think about what, when, or how. You just get started (and start feeling better).


so that you never stop and start moving again. We’ll work together to figure out what’s been holding you back.

Stronger + More Flexible

Touch your toes, hike Half Dome, or nail a pull-up. You’re never too old or too broken to do what you want to do.

This isn’t another YouTube or IG class that you can’t keep up with or that you’ll forget about 2 weeks later. This is a personalized sustainable solution to getting you strong and more flexible so that you can get out (and stay out!) of pain.

What You Get:

  • Six weeks of one-on-one coaching with Alex to give you the customized plan that will get you out of pain for good
  • Six 45 minute pre-recorded classes that help you build strength and flexibility of the hips, shoulders, spine, and core
  • Six therapeutic self-massage sequences so that you can soothe any and all aches and pains
  • All the pain-busting equipment you need (a pair of small, medium, and large therapy balls, and an inflated gut massage ball)
  • Plus the personalized self-care exercises crafted just for you to get out of pain and get back to sleeping, moving, and feeling better!

Structurally Sound students have been able to:

  • Get off pain pills
  • Be proactive with self-massage and keep sciatica at bay
  • Stop throwing out their lower back
  • Nail their first pull up
  • Walk into a room with new found strength and confidence
  • Get back time with their family, no longer plagued by tension headaches and issues caused by TMJ
  • Start and maintain a nourishing self-care practice
  • Master their first push up
  • Avoid a first, second, or third knee surgery

“I feel like I have a superpower to stop injuries before they happen and notice when my body needs to rest…I have self-care awareness now.”

– Cybil Solyn, Self-Care Superhero

If you’re ready to do what it takes to get out of pain and get stronger, Structurally Sound is for you. Because I totally get that you’ve tried all the things and are still in pain. You’ve trusted other things, and are still not where you want to be.

But Structurally Sound is different. Because instead of telling you what to do – I will TEACH you how to maintain your body for yourself. When you’re in the driver’s seat – you’re in control. And it’s up to you how you feel tomorrow.

No more feeling betrayed by a body you don’t understand.

I’m super excited to help you through the work, but if you’re still on the fence and not sure that you can make it happen, I want to make it easy.

Risk-Free Guarantee

I promise that if you make this decision to invest in your health that you will feel the difference. But also I want to make this a super easy choice for you.

If after 30 days you still feel no change, simply email me and I’ll provide you with a full refund.

You have nothing to lose and only pain-free days to gain!

Structurally Sound is for you if:


You are frustrated with living in a body you don’t understand and are ready for the next step


You believe that being pain-free is possible, you’re just not sure how to get there


You are tired of people telling you what to do without explaining why and want to learn how to take care of your body


You are ready to fully commit – I won’t quit on you as long as you promise to do the same!

Please don’t apply if:


You want a quick fix or a band-aid


You’re not willing to put in the time or effort to welcome movement into your everyday


You’re not open to the idea that your body is constantly changing and that your current state is not a life sentence

Still have questions?

What equipment do I need?
Honestly, nothing. Once you apply and are accepted into Structurally Sound, I’ll send you everything you need. You’ll get a welcome kit with small, medium, large and inflated therapy balls, and every tool you need to aid you on your healing journey.
Do I have to be local? How will we meet for coaching?
Coaching is done via video conferencing, which means we can get started wherever you are in the world! All sessions are recorded and sent to you so that you don’t have to take notes. I’ll also send you a recap of what we covered each week.
How are the classes accessed?
Structurally Sound is a digital online program. You’ll be able to access your materials and stream videos through our private online dashboard on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. You’ll get full access to Structurally Sound Online immediately upon purchase and links to schedule your first coaching session will be emailed to you shortly after. If you have any issues, please email us at info@aewellness.com.
I already workout - do I need this?
Structurally Sound is your custom manual to the human body. So, whether you are a beginner or an expert level exerciser, it will teach you how to get the most out of every workout you do from here on out. If you feel like your strength is not where you want it to be, then Structurally Sound is for you. And if you want a program that will help you create (and maintain) healthy movement habits, this is for you.
I’m super busy. How much time does it actually take?
One-on-one coaching calls are 30 minutes, the pre-recorded classes are 45. At most, you’ll spend 10 minutes a day doing exercises that only going to move you closer to the version of you that is pain-free and strong.

Structurally Sound is for students who are ready to commit and will make the time each week to get on the right track. Think of it this way – how many hours have you already spent on solutions or treatments that didn’t work or have just been a temporary fix? If you’re ready – you’ll make the time.

I have an injury - can I still do this?
If you are currently working with a doctor of physical therapist – find out what specifically you can do, should be doing, can’t do, and shouldn’t be doing. I’ll use this information to help guide our weekly coaching sessions so that we continue to move you towards even more pain-free movement. If you’re not working with a provider already – let’s chat and see how I can best help you. Send an email to info@aewellness.com and let me know what’s going on and we’ll decide the next best step from there.

Your Coach: Alexandra Ellis

Self-Care + Mobility Coach, Body Nerd, and Creator of AE Wellness

My name is Alex and I teach people how to get out of pain while getting stronger and more flexible at the same time. My teaching and studies focus on injury prevention, rehabilitation and wellness, inspired by my studies at UC Davis where I earned a BS in Exercise Biology. I have made it my life’s mission to better understand how the body works to help you take back control of your self-care, strength, and injury recovery. I will teach you how to be the expert of you and how to be confident in your skin and confident and trusting of your body. This is not just about your movement or your diet – this will seep into every aspect of your life.


Are you ready to do the work and start the journey?

Then let’s get started.

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