Simplify your mobility and know how to wake up with less pain…

…no doom scrolling or bookmarking required!

You’re already stretching, icing, and foam rolling.

Now you’re looking for an easier way to get high-quality (and easy-to-follow) mobility workouts on the go.

You're stretching

but everything feels as tight as ever in just a few hours or days. 

You've tried foam rolling

but it feels like ☠️ so you’re struggling to get into a consistent routine.

You have a million videos bookmarked on your phone

but can never find them when you have the time to work on your mobility – so it doesn’t happen.

You’re ready to wake up with less pain without it being super complicated.

What if you stopped scrolling on social media, saving every video that you think might help, and started enjoying movement again?

Here’s the deal with pain relief (that your PT hasn’t told you)…

Icing is a temporary fix that doesn’t actually change anything

Stretching helps to a point – but tension will keep coming back if your postural imbalances aren’t addressed

Mobility is the perfect balance of stretching and strength that will help reprogram your brain how to move freely (and without pain)

…and that’s where the Video Vault comes in.

When you join the video vault, you’ll get:


Over 160 videos that range from 2 mins quick fixes to 45-minute bodyweight workouts to help you build strength safely. Plus, all the videos I share on social media so you have everything you need in one place.


Therapy Ball Mobilizations to tackle your tension, reduce pain, and relax tired and achy muscles


Strength building Activations to help retrain your brain and body how to work together more efficiently so you can get stronger without getting hurt


Mobility fixes for your plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, tight hips, neck pain, hamstring tension, lower back pain, and more


Save time with the easy-to-navigate and fully searchable Video Vault – videos are organized by body area so you can find exactly what you need for the day.


Your mobility and body maintenance in one place so you don’t waste time tracking things down


New video demos, tutorials, and workouts are added regularly!

Plus, this awesome bonus

to help you get started!


Your next month of mobility workouts done-for-you! With a fully interactive playlist (that can be played on mobile) –  all you have to do is hit play. Simplify your mobility by focusing on your upper body, core, lower body and therapy ball mobilizations, every week.

[value $47]

Here are some of the most helpful videos you’ll find inside:

5 way shoulder warm up

A favorite end of the workday unwind that helps unlock your tight shoulders, upper back and neck. 

neck gnar and rotator cuff

Tackle neck pain and rotator cuff tension all in one go with this super easy therapy ball mobilization.

Heel taps

Improve foot, ankle, and calf strength and flexibility (great if you have knee pain, ankle pain, or suffer from plantar fasciitis!).

low back rescue

Go from low back agony to fully relaxed (with less pain) in less than 8 mins with this easy-to-follow mobility tutorial.

how to find neutral spine

The best way to strengthen your core and improve posture without aggravating your lower back.

Over 160 mobility videos, organized by body area so you can find exactly what you need…

…and get back to feeling like yourself (with less pain)!

Here’s what people are saying about the videos…

“After only a week and a half of doing your rotator cuff exercises, I can do modified pushups and planks without pain!”


“Wow the IT band and inner thigh/knee ones were intense! My hip is feeling much better now.”


I love mobility because it’s helped me come back from sprained ankles, bulging discs, sciatica, and tension headaches without feeling like my body will be broken forever.

The hardest part is knowing what to do and actually getting started.


Hi there…

I’m Alexandra Ellis, mobility coach, former yogi, lover of lifting heavy things, and total Body Nerd.

There’s a lot of BS on the internet – from exercises that are boring, don’t actually work, to people who have zero business telling you what to do.

And I’ve had my fair share of injuries – from bulging disks in my lower back that led to sciatica, TMJ and tension headaches, sprained ankles, knee pain, shoulder pain and hypermobility – as an active person, I can promise you that I’ve been there and done that.

I believe that life without pain is possible – and my Exercise Biology degree taught me that to get there, you have to move more daily.

I’ve distilled my world-class education in biomechanics, physiology, and injury mechanics into easy-to-follow videos that teach you the foundations of good movement.

I know first-hand what it’s like to feel trapped in a body that you can’t control.

And I also know that when you get stronger you’ll feel unstoppable (because you are)!

15-mins a day. That’s all it takes.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is and even more surprised when injuries you thought you had to “live with” no longer bother you!

You can change the unchangeable – and the Video Vault is one piece of unlocking that reality.

With the Video Vault, you’re just 15-mins a day away from feeling stronger and more flexible.

Still have questions? I’ve got answers…


You’ll have access to the Video Vault for as long as you have an active membership, which is $37/month. That includes the entire Vault, with demos, tutorials, and more for neck, jaw, shoulders, hips, lower back, wrist, feet, ankles and more.

IS IT REALLY JUST $37/month?

Yep! For less than a massage, you have access to an extensive library of easy-to-follow mobility videos so you can tackle tension and build strength safely. If you’re thinking this is a TON of value for just $37/month, I totally agree. But I also know that when you don’t have to search for your exercises, it’s way easier to get consistent. The Video Vault makes that super simple.


You’ll need room to move and yoga blocks (if you have them). A pair of tennis balls or therapy balls can be used to get the most out of the self-massage exercises. Everything can be done barefoot and is accessible for all levels. To get the most out of the Vault, consider adding on the Full Body Mobility Kit – it has 3 sizes of Therapy Balls to get the most out of the self-massage for tackling the most stubborn of knots. Don’t miss it at checkout!


Videos range from 2 mins quick fixes to 45-minute bodyweight workouts to help you build strength safely. You’ll learn how to use mobilizations and activations on a consistent basis to help reduce tension, build strength and wake up with less pain.


After you purchase, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access the Video Vault. Inside the Vault, everything is organized by body area and searchable by keyword. Videos can be streamed on any device or casted onto your TV using a service like Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire Stick and more.


Yep! Whether you need a quick tension headache tamer or have been working on your tight hips for years – there’s a video in the Vault that will help. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for – just ask! We add new tutorials based on members’ needs.


There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you sorted out!

Need help or have questions?

Drop us a line!