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Why Crunches Are Not the Best Way to Build Core Strength

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If you are struggling with a weak core, but crunches hurt your neck, this class is for you.


  • Why crunches are a waste of time when it comes to building core strength
  • What “engage your core” actually means
  • How the core is at the root of your recurring and most annoying aches and pains

Listen, if you’re tired of your neck aching after crunches and core work makes your eyes roll HARD, join me for this class. You’ll learn how to make core work super effective so you can stand tall, be strong and maybe stop peeing every time you sneeze.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Hey there, I’m Alexandra Ellis, a Body Nerd, Self-Care expert and creator of AE Wellness.

I was drawn to yoga and movement after a back injury from in college left me with debilitating sciatica. The one thing my PT stressed at the time (and I’ve seen with every single client I’ve trained since then) was that my core strength was seriously lacking and I had no clue how to brace my spine. 

Your core is one of the most important systems in your body, second only to breathing. And most of us have no idea how to breathe or properly turn on the abdominals!

In the 8 years since my back injury and commitment to moving my body daily, I’ve learned a lot about how to incorporate core strength into everything that I do.

That’s the thing about posture and breathing – once you crack the “code”, every move you do is great for your core.

When I was riddled with back pain, I wasn’t interested in doing crunches or sit-ups on the floor in my apartment (who is!?) – but I still wanted something that would help me heal from my sciatica and help support my spine during my workouts and as I went about my day.

I know how frustrating it is to be in pain and have to wade through the sea of options (and misinformation!) for core exercises on the internet, so I created something to help you fast track your progress.

Through trial and error, I have found core work and posture as key ingredients to help strengthen and help my lower back.

And while I’ve tested many programs, Structurally Sound puts all the pieces together unlike anything else. I learned proper posture and the relationship between various muscles.

The course was very easy to navigate and organized. There’s so much material that I’m still digesting but thoroughly enjoyed it all!



Alex’s Structurally Sound brings a heightened awareness to shoulders, core, hips, spine, feet, hands! She’s not only creative with the therapy ball self-massage work but creative also in the movements that accompany it. This lets you explore your body in new and different ways…and it makes the work fun! Time goes fast because she is so informative and engaging. I enjoyed it thoroughly!


Yoga Teacher

As a massage therapist for 12+ years my body is tired.  And, when I spend time teaching others in a mobility class it doesn’t give me the time that I need to work on my own mobility.  

Everything Alex puts out has been helpful, not only for myself but for my students and massage clients.

 I loved Structurally Sound because it allowed me to have time to work through my own aches and pains at my own pace and my own time-no need to figure out how to fit a class into my already busy schedule. 


Massage Therapist and Yoga Tune Up Teacher

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