free series

Move Smart Workshop

with Alexandra Ellis

A 3-part workshop series that will teach you everything you need to get stronger and more flexible *without* getting hurt.

In this workout series, you’ll learn:

Pain-Free Planks + Push-Ups

with good form and a sure-fire way to get rid of those knots in your upper back, neck, shoulders and more.

Unlock Your Tension

and get to the root of why your upper back, shoulders, and hips are always tight even though you’re stretching constantly.

Plan for Pain

and learn what exercises will help you stay flexible and injury-free (and take less than 15-mins/day).

Focus on the Foundations

with what actually works – so you can get stronger and more flexible for your hips, shoulders, lower back, knees and neck.


Sat, 9/19

How to do the perfect pain-free push-up that gets results (10:30 AM PDT)

Sun, 9/20

Self-Massage for Flexibility and Strength (3:30 PM PDT)

Sat, 9/26

How to Get Stronger without Getting Hurt (10:30AM PDT)


You’ll be automatically enrolled in the entire series, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class!

If stretching and foam rolling aren’t helping – it’s time to try something else.

You’re already spending hundreds of dollars (and lots of your time) every month on the chiropractor, physical therapy, massages and Peloton and workout apps…

And you’re still struggling with aches and pains.

It sucks – I’ve totally been there!

And if there are any guarantees in mainstream fitness it’s this — no perfect warm-up or stretching routine will save you from bad form. 😩

When you know how to squat properly – you keep your knees safe, NO MATTER WHAT.

And when you know proper push-up and plank form, you keep your shoulders injury-free, NO MATTER WHAT.

Sure, you could do a trillion different exercises, but understanding the FOUNDATIONS of good movement will get you move you further on your journey to pain-free strength.

Life without pain is 100% possible.

And when you know how to build sustainable strength and what exercises will keep you safe, you don’t have to put up with soreness, tension, and pain.

Join me and learn exactly what your body needs to get stronger, more flexible, and feel more amazing every single day.

The Move Smart Series is a MUST if…


You’ve tried all the things (pills, massage, chiro, surgery) and but nothing lasts.


You work out, but have push through the pain on a regular basis.


You want a real fix for your tension and pain, but aren’t sure where to start.


You’ve given up an activity because of pain or injury.


You want to live in a body that feels as young as you do in your head.

About Your Coach: Alexandra Ellis

Mobility Coach, Motivational Speaker and host of The Body Nerd Show

Hi I’m Alex!

After a decade in the wellness industry and way too many injuries to count, I’ve finally cracked the code on how you can get stronger than ever, without getting hurt.

From the thousands of people I’ve taught through online coaching, in-person workshops, and premier yoga festivals, I know, without a doubt, that a little bit every day is enough to maintain your body so you can forget about soreness, tension, and pain.

This brand new, workshop series is the culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned from moving, strengthening, and maintaining my body.

And no, I’m not just some random trainer on the internet trying to fool you with BS.

I’ve spent the last decade using my degree in exercise biology and a nerdy fascination with anatomy and body mechanics to teach people just like you how to move smarter and maintain your body so that you can get stronger and more flexible

If you’re ready to feel amazing, then I can’t wait to show you how you can in this series!

See you there!