The two days I spent at CreativeLive for Kelly Starrett’s Maintaining Your Body were amazing. Kelly has created a template to examine human movement on every body and identify and work to fix the problems. It wasn’t a laundry list of what to do for specific problems, but schema to apply to ANY problem. For me, it was revolutionary – to take the knowledge that has been kept by the professionals all this time and offer it to anyone who was interested for free. The experience has absolutely changed how I view human movement and my own body, and I know find myself compelled to tell everyone about it. 

“Please ma’am, don’t text like a gremlin, or you’ll have tons of problems down the line”. 

“Sir, it really isn’t beneficial to your ankles, back, or hips, to stand with all of your weight cocked off to the side.” 

Ugh, I see broken people now too!

Kelly also brought in some other revolutionaries to share their ideas of how to optimize our health. As his wife, Juliet, said, “it’s not about just feeling good, but feeling awesome”. Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up® shared her knowledge of fascia and the diaphragm and how total body wellness needs to be examined from the inside out. Some issues in the tissues may not be caused by the external ones we can see with our eyes, but may lie deeper. 

Carl Paoli came in and shared his “Fantastic 4” moves that are basic for human movement. We see all of our different varieties of movement (gymnastics, running, yoga, Pilates etc.) from taking these basic moves, and altering them in some way.

Have you heard of WellnessFX? Well you should – it’s a company created by Jim Kean that allows you to have your blood drawn and the reports provided back to you in a clear and easy to understand way. You even get consultations with their doctors, or can share your results with your own. We don’t think much of it, but being able to do what you want with your OWN blood in this country is radical. In California, for example, it is actually illegal for you to walk into a lab and ask for a blood test without a doctor. WellnessFX brings the control back to you. I remember asking my doctor for a lipid panel when I was in college as my dad had just found that he had high cholesterol – I was told that I was too young, did not need the information, and that my insurance would probably not pay for it.

Brian Mackenzie taught us the basic principles for running. Now how many times have you just slapped on your sneakers and gone for a run? I do it all the time. But I tend to come home in some sort of pain that I then have to unwind and recover from. But what if we fixed the movement so that it didn’t create pain in the first place? This is the course in a nutshell. Let move beyond operating well, or being fit, but be optimized and badass!

All of these wonderful, awe inspiring speakers are preaching the same thing – it is your body, you only get one, so take control of every aspect of it. When we have pain, discomfort, or disease, we put the control into the hands of others. While they may be respected and talented outsiders, this is your life and your body. Own it.

It was wonderful to be at this course in person, as I would not have had the opportunity to spend time with the other audience members and presenters. From CrossFit box owners  from around the country (that’s just the lingo for a CrossFit gym, FYI ;)), to moms and weekend warriors. Regardless of our profession or level of fitness, we all want to be pain free and optimized and to be able to provide that same level of quality to our clients.

The biggest question I find myself dealing with now is where to go from here. How do I walk into a yoga studio and provide people with the tools they need to fix themselves? My practice and teaching has truly moved beyond just doing yoga to sleep better or digest better – but to craft it into a practice that helps you to live better. Once we solve the problems that are plaguing us now, we can move beyond them to become better, faster, and stronger.

So, are you ready? I am…