Here’s how it works:

Send me one video of you completing a series of movements  – and don’t worry, I’ll let you know exactly what I need (expect squats, hip hinging, and reaching overhead).

From there, I’ll design you a workout plan that amplifies your wellness and gets you on track to feeling stronger (and without pain).

Your plan will focus on the 5 body areas that will make the most difference with exercises (mobilizations/therapy ball moves and strength building activations) that will make the most difference.

A blend of therapy ball movements and strengthening movements is the best combination to help you create more relaxation and less tension where you need – while simultaneously retraining your brain and muscles on how to work together more efficiently.

One mobilization a day. One activation a day. That’s it.

Instead of trying a bazillion things and spending hours a day (which no one actually does), you’ll be super strategic about your mobility – which makes the entire process easier and more effective.

In fact, most of my clients start feeling better within a month of starting their programs.

The Mobility Assessment includes:

👉 Two video calls (the first to map out your plan and the second a few weeks later for questions)
👉 A custom portal with a playlist of all of your videos to easily access whatever you need
👉 Bonus Pre-Workout Warm Up and Post-Workout Cool Down videos so you are ready for every workout
👉 A printable PDF of your custom workout plan
👉 Clarity on exactly what to focus on and why you’re doing it so you can start feeling better right away

Booking information, including my calendar will be sent to you after checkout.


 or text 818-396-6501

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