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Alexandra Ellis

Alexandra Ellis

Head Body Nerd + Magic Maker

I love anatomy. Like seriously love anatomy and enjoy reading books and research studies about the latest fascia-nating topics. I created AE Wellness to be your go-to resource for easily digestible tips and suggestions to maximize your performance for pain-free living. I have been fascinated with how the body works and what happens when it doesn’t since my first biology class in high school. If you’re looking for body nerd nuggets that you can instantly put into practice, AE Wellness is the place to be!

I teach multiple public group classes a week, Mobility for Performance classes and workshops, offer corporate wellness presentations, weekend workshops, and teacher trainings.  I am a lead YTU Teacher Trainer and am helping to launch our newest offering at 24 Hour Fitness locations nationwide. Every day, regardless of the types of people I work with, I help people rediscover the love of their body and relearn how to live in their bodies pain-free.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two fur babies. When not teaching or writing, I can be found eating, snapping, tweeting and Instagraming my way through tasty restaurants and adventures in Southern California. 🙂

5 Things You Wish You Could Ask Me (but now don’t have to!)

  1. My perfect day would include sleeping in, as much time as I want rolling on my YTU Balls, a hike with my dog and husband, and free time to relax!
  2. If I was stranded on a deserted island, the 5 things I’d want to bring along are my Yoga Tune Up® balls, dark chocolate, a 100 lb barbell, a Kindle pre-loaded with every New York Times Best Seller and an umbrella to enjoy my books in the shade.
  3. If I need a reset, you can find me at Disneyland – I love that it is so curated and predictable. Feeling like a kid helps me to reset! (and yes, I always wear my Mickey ears)
  4. My daily non-negotiable self-care is rolling my jaw to undo the talking I do while teaching and gut massage to unwind my stress from the day.
  5. If I wasn’t in fitness I’d be a chef – I love eating just as much as I love cooking. I cook meals at home 4-5 days a week (and freeze the rest to pull out on a leftovers night!)

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Education and Training:

University of California, Davis
  • Bachelor’s of Science, Exercise Biology


Yoga at the Village
Glendale, CA


  • 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Elyse Briggs and Carl Dawson
  • 500 hour Teacher Training with Elyse Briggs and Carl Dawson


Silver Lake Yoga
Los Angeles, CA


  • 85 hour Specialty Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Juliette Kurth and Leah Miller


Yoga Tune Up®
  • 70 hour Yoga Tune Up® Certification course with Jill Miller
  • 8 hour Therapy Ball Practitioner course with Jill Miller
  • 20 hour Core Integration Immersion with Jill Miller
  • 20 hour Shoulders Immersion with Jill Miller
  • 20 hour Hips Immersion with Jill Miller
  • 15 hour Integrated Embodied Anatomy with Sarah Court
  • 8 hour Roll Model Method® Ball Sequencing & Innovation


Additional Education
  • Six-Day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Workshop with Gil Hedley, completed in 2013
  • Member of Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Therapists Association.
  • Extensive experience in human anatomy gathered from cadaver anatomy laboratory and lecture at University and multiple anatomy workshops.
  • CrossFit Mobility Course with Dr. Kelly Starrett, DPT of MobilityWod.com
  • Six-Hour Continuing Education Cadaver Studies with California State University, Northridge Physical Therapy Dept.
  • 18-hour Quantum Leap Movement Educator workshop with Sarah Court
  • 12-hour Kettlebell Athletics Training with Clifton Harski
  • 5-hour Regeneration Techniques to Optimize Performance with Brandon Marcello

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