Painless Self-care + Wellness for busy people

Consistency is queen.

And if you want to get stronger, more flexible and feel amazing every day, it’s required.
Here’s the good news – you don’t need to workout hours a day. You don’t need to workout every day.
You just need to move smarter on a regular basis.
You can 100% change the unchangeable and get rid of soreness, tension, and pain – but if what you’ve tried isn’t working, it’s time to ditch the bandaids for a program that’s tailor-made to you.
So what do you think? Are you ready to try something different?

Work with me

Let’s work together and craft your personalized sustainable wellness plan so you know exactly how to get stronger and out of pain, today.

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Move, breathe and laugh with the movement minded friends you’ve been waiting for.


Weekly tips and inspiration to help you take back control of your health and wellbeing.

What clients are saying

“I feel like I have a superpower to stop injuries before they happen and notice when my body needs to rest…I have self-care awareness now.”

-Cybil Solyn

Client + Self-Care Superhero

“I used to wake up in the mornings and think, “I wonder if I’ll be able to work out and do the things I want to do today”.

“I don’t think about that anymore.”.”


Client + (Now) Body Nerd

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