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Whether you’re a beginner or a stretch-xpert, I have the perfect option to help you stop waking up in pain and start trusting what your body can do.

Movement Mavens

Movement Mavens is for the woman that is tired of having pain and ready to do whatever it takes to live in a body that feels as young as you do in your head.

Your Movement Mavens year will change your life – and give you the confidence and trust in your body to do all the things you want without hurting yourself.

While this may seem too audacious – your movement dreams can be a reality!

Structurally Sound

Structurally Sound is a 6-week guided movement program that will teach you the exact steps to less pain every day, how to avoid surgery, and how to get stronger.

This isn’t another YouTube or IG class that you can’t keep up with or that you’ll forget about 2 weeks later. This is a personalized sustainable solution to getting you strong and more flexible so that you can get out (and stay out) of pain.

Online Masterclass

Join me for my next online training and learn how to move beyond basic stretching and make lasting change in less than 15 minutes a day.

Waking up each morning with less pain and feeling way less stressed about movement doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

Pain-Free. Every Day. Community

Join my free FB group and learn how you can be pain-free, every day. It’s possible and pushing yourself through your workouts and gritting your teeth just so you can play with your kids isn’t a long-term solution. You can stay active without having to take another pill or drag yourself to another appointment.

In the group, I share daily tips and tricks on how to make self-care easy and fun so that you actually look forward to it. Because action = results. 

Do you want to be pain-free, every day?

It takes less than 10 minutes a day to put you back in control of your body. Are you ready and committed to doing what it takes?

Schedule your free 15-minute Movement Magic Call and get clarity on where to focus your self-care energy and what tweaks to make to get on the fast track to waking up every day, pain-free.
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As a massage therapist for 12+ years my body is tired.  And, when I spend time teaching others in a mobility class it doesn’t give me the time that I need to work on my own mobility.

I loved Structurally Sound because it allowed me to have time to work through my own aches and pains at my own pace and my own time-no need to figure out how to fit a class into my already busy schedule.


Massage Therapist and Yoga Tune Up Teacher

Alex has turned my view of self-care inside out and upside down. I am SO much stronger and mobile than I used to be. Her support is everything to me. If you want to make a huge change in every aspect of your life, take her courses and you will see changes in both your body and your mind.

Blogger and Movement Educator

Variety is the spice of life. Alex’s curriculum is innovative, fresh and focused. Sometimes I get exactly what I wanted and sometimes I get what I needed before I even knew. I can move so much better because Alex always challenges me to do new things.

Administrative Assistant

Alex’s Structurally Sound brings a heightened awareness to shoulders, core, hips, spine, feet, hands! She’s not only creative with the therapy ball self-massage work but creative also in the movements that accompany it. This lets you explore your body in new and different ways…and it makes the work fun! Time goes fast because she is so informative and engaging. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Yoga Teacher

I was drawn to working with Alex because of her passionate interest in anatomy and biomechanics.

Until recently, I haven’t found a practice that has been well rounded enough for me to develop resilience and strength in a balanced way.

I can heartily recommend any of her courses to anyone who is interested in moving with greater ease and mobility and who enjoys challenging themselves to grow and learn through movement.

Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist

Through trial and error, I have found core work and posture as key ingredients to help strengthen and help my lower back.

And while I’ve tested many programs, Alex’s Structurally Sound puts all the pieces together unlike anything else.

I learned proper posture and the relationship between various muscles. The course was very easy to navigate and organized. There’s so much material that I’m still digesting but thoroughly enjoyed it all!

Retired, Fitness Enthusiast

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