What would happen if you had 2-hours all to yourself?

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When was the last time you did something just to do it?

Not Netflix and laundry.

Or audiobooks and driving.

We spend so much time trying to be as efficient as possible, packing every hour to the brim with to-dos.

But when was the last time you did something just because you wanted to?

And just ONE thing? Not multitasking?

We spend all our time doing and zero time BEING.

Join me March 2-9 in Puerto Vallarta, MX for a week of being and doing only what you want. 

Just imagine…

What you could figure out if you had two hours to yourself. 

How relaxed you’d be after 6 consecutive nights of marvelous sleep.

How refreshed your body would feel from twice daily movement classes.

You’ll return home with new clarity, the patience of a Zen master, and a personalized plan to get you out of pain ASAP.



  • The time and space to just be

    There are many different causes of pain, but more often than not, the frenzied life we push ourselves through is at the epicenter. Get a week to do whatever your heart desires – read, sleep, hike, walk, or connect with like-minded women. You’ll learn how to use movement, self-care, and mindfulness to get you back to the version of you that is calm and grounded.
  • A personalized action plan on how to get out of pain now (and stay that way)

    How many times have you started something new with great intentions only to give up a few weeks later? You’re not alone! Most people go all out with self-care – and burnout soon after. You’ll get a tailor-made plan on the exact things you need to be doing to feel your best, every single day. Plus, with your twice daily self-care + movement classes, you’ll not only get stronger and more flexible but sleep like a baby all week long.
  • More relaxing than you can shake a stick at

    Want to nap all day by the pool? You can do that. Prefer to explore town? You can do that too. Want to catch up finally catch up on Oprah’s book club? This week is whatever you want and need it to be. 6 consecutive nights of amazing sleep will literally change your life. Whether you’ve been struggling with pain, depression, anxiety, or stress – catching up on sleep debt will help your brain and body recover.
  • Three nutritious and delicious plant-based meals served daily

    If you’ve always wanted to “eat clean” but aren’t sure where to start – our magical chefs will show you how. From delicious desserts, super filling dinners, and delectable drinks, you’ll keep saying to yourself “I didn’t know food could be this good!” 
  • Adventure (if you want!)

    Lounge by the pool if you want, or join us for snorkeling, a hike to a private beach, and a community service give-back day. Or nap. This week is 100% what you want it to be.
  • Did I mention the tacos? And the margaritas? And the churros?

And of course, airport transfers, 3 meals a day, 24/7 staff + security and the most relaxing adventure of a lifetime



Love the outdoors but don’t want to sleep in a tree?

Our modernist jungle villas are inspired by Tarzan and while you don’t have to swing from the trees, you will lose yourself staring at the beautiful jungle from time to time.

Each villa comes fully equipped with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors in every room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a private soaker pool. Plus, daily maid service means you never have to make your bed.

The villa is located in an 18-villa private community surrounded by the beautiful jungle and protected by 24/7 security.

You’ll be a 10 min walk to downtown Puerto Vallarta or a beautiful beach – your choice!


On the west coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta has quaint cobbled streets, art galleries, the pier, restaurants, nightclubs, and street performers – there is always something to do or see in PV. 

You don’t have to drive far to stumble across a beautiful beach and you just might see humpback whales breaching in the distance in Banderas Bay!

Over 4 million visitors from the US and Canada make PV a perfect spot for our Adventure + Wellness Retreat whether you want to walk along the beach or enjoy the view of the ocean from your villa balcony.



Waiting it out and hoping that something changes isn’t a long-term solution.

When you crave a dramatic transformation – you sometimes have to take a big step (like a week-long vacation) to get the boost towards change you’ve been seeking.

If you’re ready to do what it takes to get out of pain and get stronger, this week is 100% for you. 

If you’re frazzled and overwhelmed with to-do’s, this week is for you!

You’ve probably tried all the things – and you’re still in pain. So how will this be different?

Because instead of telling you what to do – I’ll teach you HOW to do it for yourself.

I’ll help you build out your self-care toolbox so you can weather the storm – and maybe get a few steps towards that elusive “work-life balance”. 

When you’re in control, it’s completely up to you how tomorrow feels.

No more feeling trapped in a body you can’t control or wasting precious time in a waiting room for another late appointment.

During our week you’ll get:

Confidence + trust in your body so you can move how you want, when you want, without worrying that you’ll hurt yourself.

A plan so you don’t have to think about what, when or how when you get home. You just get started (and feel better immediately).

A community of 11 badass, fun-loving women who just like you, have been pushing through their days, weeks, and months without pausing for a second just to BE.

You’ll not only learn self-care and exercises that are easy to do and help you feel better fast but understand why you’re doing them.

So the next time you wake up with a stiff neck, you’ll know exactly what to do (and then actually do it).

Feeling strong, confident and pain-free is really not as far off or complicated as you might think.


Because this retreat is limited to 11 women (and I anticipate lots of applications), I’ll be crystal clear about who this is for: 

Please apply if you…

Need a chance to get away and reconnect with yourself

Want to start a self-care practice but are always too busy to get started

Have tried all the things, but worry that it’s only going to get worse
100% believe that being pain-free is possible but aren’t sure how to get there
Are sick of people telling you what to do without explaining why and want to learn how to take care of your body yourself

Have been told that you should just “get used to it”, “push through it” or that “you’ll have to live with it”

Don’t apply if you…

You’re looking for a quick-fix or band-aid

You’re not open to the idea that your body is always changing and that this is not a life sentence

You don’t like piña coladas or getting stuck in the rain

Adventure + Wellness Retreat

March 2-9, 2019 | Puerto Vallarta, MX


Private room: $3000

Share a room: $1800 ea

PS. All payments can be broken up into a $500 deposit + 3 additional installments.


All registrations include:

8-days in your own private room in a fully-staffed luxury villa

Three nutritious and delicious plant-based meals served daily

Optional adventures: snorkeling, a hike to a private beach, and a community service give-back day (additional optional tours available)

Optional in-house spa services

Twice daily movement + mindfulness classes to help you feel good, sleep amazing and get stronger + more flexible (all mats, blocks, straps, blankets included)

Unlimited use of the villa’s private pool

Airport transfer, 24/7 staff + security

All taxes and fees

(Staff gratuity extra)



Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first served basis.

  • Standard Room: A 260-square-foot room with deck and garden views. Includes wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling retractable glass and a very comfortable mattress. Shares a large bathroom with one other room.
    (1 king bed or 2 twin beds)
    4 available 2 left
  • Premium Room: A 350-square-foot room with ensuite, deck and garden views. Includes wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling retractable glass, a very comfortable mattress, and a private bathroom.
    (1 king bed or 2 twin beds)
    2 available SOLD OUT
  • Penthouse Suite: A 1,500-square-feet with panoramic ocean and/or jungle views. Includes indoor and outdoor seating areas, wraparound deck, large bathroom with jacuzzi and walk-in closet.
    (1 king bed or 2 twin beds)
    2 available  SOLD OUT

Who am I?

Alexandra Ellis

Self-Care + Wellness Coach, Body Nerd, and Creator of AE Wellness

Hi! My name is Alex and I teach people how to get out of pain (and get stronger and more flexible in the process). My teaching and studies focus on injury prevention, rehabilitation and wellness, inspired by my studies at UC Davis where I earned a BS in Exercise Biology. My life’s mission is to better understand how the body works to help you take back control of your self-care, strength, and injury recovery. I will teach you how to be your own expert so that you can be confident in your skin and trusting of your body.


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?