Structurally Sound

A 6-week online movement exploration into your body with innovative exercises that will enliven your curiosity, while improving mobility and posture.

This is for you if…

  • Want to learn the specific moves that will build full body strength
  • You want to learn about the body, how it works, and how to move it efficiently
  • You want to maximize your mobility
  • You are recovering from injury and/or frustrated with your progress
  • You are a beginner to yoga and movement, but not sure where to start

What’s included?

  • Mobility, strength, and self-care for the major movers of the body (spine, hips, shoulders, core)
  • Weekly self-massage, strength moves, mobility, relaxation, and breathwork.
  • Plus, you’ll also learn the structural anatomy of the joints involved so that YOU understand how the pieces fit together.
  • Lifetime access to the video portal
  • Mix and match videos to create more than 24 unique classes


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