Pain free. Every day.

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On the call, you’ll get clarity on where you should be focusing your self-care energy and we’ll figure out where to make small shifts (that count!) to get you on the fast track to waking up without pain, every day.

What clients are saying…



“I used to wake up in the mornings and think, “I wonder if I’ll be able to workout and do the things I want to do today”.

I don’t think about that anymore.”



“I feel like I have a superpower to stop injuries before they happen and notice when my body needs to rest…I have self-care awareness now.”


Massage Therapist

“I have a bigger knowledge basis on what to do when something acts up. It’s like WWAD, (what would Alex do?). And instead of just complaining about things and thinking I’ll be stuck with it, I now have the tools to fix things when they pop up and I have not just one tool, but a whole arsenal of different tips, tricks, everything.”

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