Mobility can be simple – but most of us overcomplicate it to the point where it feels impossible. I’m a big fan of streamlining your movement and wellness so you can spend less time thinking about it and just get it done. But don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you to just move more – because moving smarter will save you tons of time.

A little bit every day is enough to maintain your body so you can forget about soreness, tension and pain. Movement Mavens is the only program of it’s kind that not only teaches you how to maintain your body and move well, but also helps you craft your personalized plan so you can build sustainable strength, consistently. Learn more now at

 What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The 3 mobility mistakes that are slowing you down 
  • How to help your overachiever brain feel some relief when it comes to workouts
  • And why one size fits all mobility plans fall short

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