When you’re in pain, it’s hard to think straight. And while it may be tempting to wait it out, a good physical therapist can help you start feeling better fast.

But when should you actually seek the help of a physical therapist? 

Today’s guest is physical therapist (and friend) Sarah Court, PT, DPT, e-RYT. With her experience in orthopedic and neurologic settings, rehabilitating patients post-surgery or injury, and managing chronic neuromuscular conditions – she’s the perfect person to help us figure out when it’s time to seek a professional’s help. 

If you’ve had PT that left you wanting more (and still not feeling at 100%) – then today’s episode is for you!

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 What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • When you should go to a physical therapist
  • How to tell if your PT is legit (and how best to advocate for yourself)
  • When to choose physical therapy vs. chiropractic vs. massage

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