If you flip open any anatomy textbook, you’ll see a lot of red muscle. What it’s missing is a key part: fascia.

While we talked about fascia in my anatomy dissection course in college – for the most part it was just the famous ones like the IT Band and plantar fascia.

So when I did a second dissection course after college and saw, first hand, how interconnected your body is because of fascia, it blew my mind.🤯

How did every textbook totally disregard a tissue that was literally everywhere? 

If you’re thinking that fascia is way more important than it typically gets credit for, you’d be right. 

So in celebration of the 100th episode of the show, I’m taking you on a deep dive into my favorite body structure: fascia.

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 What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • All about fascia
  • The role of fascia in muscle soreness
  • How to keep it healthy so you can keep moving with ease

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