Dr. Sarah Court, DPT busts fitness myths left + right for us this week. There’s enough nonsense about fitness on the internet and swirling through gyms everywhere, so Sarah and I are doing our best to tackle the most pervasive fitness myths, including: if you should stretch before a workout, if you have to do the same thing on both sides and if giving up is the only option when you have pain.

I love bringing the convos that Sarah and I have on our hikes to the show, so if you have a fitness myth you want debunked, let us know! Send me a message on Instagram (@hollaformala) and let me know what’s confusing you so we can chat about it in a future episode. 

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 What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • If you should stretch before workouts
  • If you should do identical exercises on both sides of your body
  • And if you actually have to give something up forever just because it hurts

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