In 200 episodes of the Body Nerd Show, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve changed my opinion on things (like bunions), learned which muscles contribute to the recurrence of pain (especially in the low back), and incorporated things I thought were scams into my regular routine after reading the science.

So in today’s episode, I’m sharing the top 5 things I’ve learned in the last 200 shows.

So if you’re ready to learn new things, have your mind changed about old things, and have some hope for a life without pain, this episode is for you.

And thank you for being here, for listening to the podcast, for every time you shared it, and for taking the time to leave a review. I know it seems like a small gesture that doesn’t mean a lot, but all of it counts and I truly couldn’t do it without your support.


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 What you’ll lean from this episode:

  • My top 5 facts from 200 episodes of the podcast
  • Including why low back pain is usually not a one-time occurrence
  • Why you don’t need to lose weight to get out of pain
  • And everything I’ve learned about how to get rid of plantar fasciitis for good

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