Have you ever set Body Nerd Goals? 

Getting consistent with my movement routine and workouts used to be a struggle. Even getting out of bed in the morning to head to a class felt like such a chore! But when a friend suggested I set some goals, everything changed.

So I set my sights on nailing my first pull-up. Instead of just going to the gym, I now had a purpose. Everything I did was to get me strong enough to do a pull-up. 

Because I had that clear end goal in mind, I was able to get myself to the gym multiple times a week. And to be honest, it all became super fun.

Now, truth be told, my pull up is *still* a work in progress, but I am what changed. Movement, exercise, and taking excellent of myself is now a non-negotiable part of who I am.

And sure, my goals now are basically the same as they were a few years ago, but the goals are what helps me maintain my momentum.

Without a goal, you’re just shuffling forward. The path isn’t clear and it’s super easy to fall off and get stuck (again). 

When you have a goal, there’s a clear finish line. You have something to celebrate once you get there and you have a measuring stick by which you can gauge your progress.

Goals are what helps you create momentum so you don’t fall off course because of travel, or a cold, or because you got busy. You know exactly where to pick back up and you just get it done. 

Here are some things to ponder: What are your workout/movement/body goals?  And what advice would you give to someone who doesn’t have any set yet?