Have you ever been asked if you have any injuries in a fitness class?

It’s super common, especially if the teacher doesn’t know you. 

But when a teacher asks what’s going on in your body and you tell them, you do so trusting that they know what to do with the information. You hope that because they asked, they are qualified enough to modify any of the exercises to keep you from getting hurt. 

But the truth is, not everybody is. 

When we go into a group class, we trust that the teacher has our best interests in mind. But more often than not, for liabilities sake – they asked to cover their own ass, not because they know how to deal with your body beyond what the workout of the day is.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t some amazing teachers out there, who ask about your injuries because they know what the next best step is.

But in trusting someone else to protect your body, we do ourselves a huge disservice.

Because no one in the universe can know your body better than you do right now. Even if you’re feeling unsure of yourself.

Becoming your own Body Detective gives you agency over your body. So that you don’t have to trust some random teacher (whose first name you’ll probably forget) to keep your body safe. 

Being your own Body Detective means that you know how to keep yourself safe, no matter the situation.

And contrary to how you may feel right now, it can be a joy to be in your body, moving with ease and freedom, feeling stronger and more flexible, every single day. It is possible to feel empowered BY your body and IN your body instead of feeling held back. 

Have you ever been asked if you had any injuries and then not felt taken care of in a class? I want to hear all about it.