Neck Pain Bundle

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Learn how to get rid of neck and shoulder tension (without having to do the same boring stretches) with the tools and an easy-to-follow sequence you can use anytime you feel pain coming on.

The Bundle includes:

Help for Neck and Shoulders Workshop (value $47) – In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn the basic anatomy behind neck and shoulder pain, plus simple posture fixes that will help you unlock your tension.

Therapy Balls (value $25) – these are the perfect tool to get into the hard knots of your upper back, neck, and shoulders. 2.75” in diameter.

Coregeous Ball (value $16) – a specialized grippy massage ball to custom inflate for full-body relaxation and abdominal massage. 9” in diameter.

What you’ll learn:

  • The foundations of smart movement so you can build strength safely without getting set back by rebound tension
  • The 3 neck stretching mistakes that are sure to derail your progress
  • How to interrupt the pain cycle with proven techniques that will get rid of tension headaches, tight shoulders and neck pain
  • The 30-day Full-Body Stretch + Strength Workout Calendar so you can get MOVING and help your entire body feel amazing (without overthinking it)
  • The first step that will put you on the path to feeling like yourself again without worrying about injuries

Everyone is welcome. Seriously. This workshop is for diverse body types. If you love moving and learning, join us!

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