Movement Mavens Therapy Balls

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Movement Mavens Therapy Balls measure at 2.75″ in diameter – a perfect step up for those who crave deeper pressure than a tennis ball can provide. The MM Therapy Balls can be used in or out of the mesh tote to provide targeted trigger point release for upper back, lower back, hips, spine and feet. The natural rubber product is designed to become softer and grippier with use, which will quiet the muscle bracing that can occur with a harder object.

Use this product on your feet, rotator cuff, shoulders, neck, face, jaw, calves, thighs, hips, lower back and spine. See how to use them here!

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Weight 9.6 oz

1 review for Movement Mavens Therapy Balls

  1. Sheryl

    These therapy balls are the best! When I started a mobility practice before finding Alex and Movement Mavens, it was recommended I use Lacrosse balls for roll outs, etc. (my gym had a bin of lax balls for members to use for rollouts including two balls taped together). They were so hard and painful! These therapy balls are so much more gentle and effective the way they roll across the skin and soften up with time. The tote is perfect for when you want to use the two therapy balls together – and always an excellent carrying case. I ordered a second pair of these therapy balls to keep in my gym bag and one at home and I always bring them when I travel. Highly recommend!

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