I’m guilty of thinking that I need all the official equipment before I start something new. Like the fancy pants, the fancy gadget and another 4 hrs in the day to actually get it done.

But you know what ?

Taking excellent care of yourself doesn’t have to be a full time job. In fact, the less you do, the better off you’ll be. Seems impossible, right?

But when you do a little bit every day, you finally get ahead of the ball. You’re able to switch from being reactive and chasing pain to being proactive and feeling amazing.

In less than 15-mins a day, you can absolutely do everything your body needs to continue to build strength, improve your flexibility and set yourself on the path to feeling amazing every day.

And while a 90 min massage every few weeks is awesome, chances are you wake up the next day more sore than before. A week later and you’re back to square one, with all the regular aches, pains and tension.

So why does that happen?

When you only take care of yourself in a big way once every few weeks, you can only work on the big stuff. Your massage therapist spends the entire session trying to bust up that knot in your upper back that feels as hard as concrete.

But your body works incrementally. Small steps make a much bigger change. So in the case of your upper back tension and knots (shall we call them Bob?), a little bit each day will take you much further.

Helping ease the tension out of your upper back slowly, with things like my go-to the, 5-Way Shoulder Warm Up, allow your muscles and brain to adapt to the new changes gradually.

Just like you wouldn’t attempt to learn calculus in an afternoon, you can’t expect your tissues to be smashed into submission and instantly undo 30+ years of habits.

I know you’re ready to start taking excellent care of yourself and making the shifts needed to get stronger and more confident in your body. 

Even strength building can be done in tiny chunks every day.

I’ll let you in on a secret – the trick to feeling at home in your body isn’t more exercise – it’s taking care of your body, mind and spirit on a daily basis.

So let’s start with getting you stronger ASAP.

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