Conversations with healthcare providers can sometimes leave you feeling like a little kid being told what to do.

It feels like they spend most of their time talking AT you, instead of WITH you.

And to be honest, it’s not their fault – they’re the ones with the knowledge, which is precisely why we seek them out when we need help.

But a one way conversation where they tell you what to do and send you on your way, unclear about what’s actually going on with your body and what steps you can take to feel better isn’t really helpful.

Take cars, for example – I am so grateful my dad taught me how to change my oil, check tire pressure, change a tire and generally take care of my car. Because that one time I was having my tires changed and was told my “lugnuts were expanding” I could call it for the BS that it was.

That doesn’t mean I still do everything myself – I just feel more confident about who I chose to work with and trust when it comes to my car. And when someone tells me there’s a unicorn in my convertor, I can take my keys and run.

The same goes for your body – when you better understand how your body works, moves, lives and breathes, it’s much easier to choose to only work with people you trust AND who can actually get you results.

Your better at staying away from the charlatans who’ll waste your time.

Becoming your own body detective isn’t complicated – and it will certainly save you time, money and frustration in the long run.

So instead of a one-way conversation with your healthcare provider, imagine actually having a conversation, understanding what’s going on, AND being able to provide feedback on your care.

That will make all the difference in getting results and wasting your time.

Just this week one of our Movement Mavens had that big realization. She has been getting bi-weekly massages, but felt like she kept coming back to the table with the exact same stuff as the time before.

She was able to have a conversation with her massage therapist and communicate exactly what she needed and, as a result, left feeling so much better.

No one can ever understand your body as well as you and learning how to take excellent care of yourself can make all the difference between feeling amazing every day and waiting for the next time your back decides to freeze up and lay you out on the couch for the next week.

This is what Movement Mavens is all about – getting you a personalized self-care plan (with the library of tools to back it up) and a community of badass Body Nerd women who are doing what it takes to get stronger, more flexible, and move with joy.

It’s totally possible to get stronger and out of pain, no matter where you’re starting today. And when you’re ready to make that change, I’d love for you to join us inside Movement Mavens. Learn more and grab your spot today.

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