Welcome to the very first episode of the Body Nerd Show! My name is Alexandra Ellis and I am a coach, blogger, former yogi, kettlebell devotee and most importantly, 100%  body nerd.

My goal with this show is to empower you with the super uncomplicated things you need to know about self-care and movement so that you can wake up every day, pain-free.

To inspire your own curiosity about the body, so that the next time you feel a sensation – instead of worrying if you’re falling apart, you can be in awe of the amazing human body and know exactly what to do next.

Whether you’re pain-free, dealing with an injury right now, have chronic pain, or are tired of the injury cycle and just want to feel amazing every single day, this show is 100% for you.

I can’t wait to share the nerdy things that get me excited, tips and tricks to make movement a part of your every day, bust some body and fitness myths, and have conversations with other Body Nerds.

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What you’ll learn from this episode:
– Why nobody knows your body better than you
– Why putting yourself in the driver’s seat is the best way to help yourself get out of pain
– Why movement and self-care are a vital part of the journey

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