As a barefoot aficionado, I am always looking for comfortable and functional footwear. And while I love my Uggs, it doesn’t get super cold in LA and they are not the best shoes for happy feet.

Your feet were designed to support themselves, and have the soft tissues to do so. Years of wearing constrictive footwear render the tiny muscles of the foot useless as if they had been stuffed in a cast for an entire lifetime. The best way to strengthen these muscles is by being barefoot, but only after a proper rehabilitation program. The more movement I teach and the longer periods of time I am barefoot, I have found that my feet have become wider and springier.

My tried and true barefoot style workout shoe is Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail Running shoes and am in love. The insole mimics the actual shape of my foot, not the narrow ideal that other shoes force me into. The sole is texturized for super grip, but is still thin enough that you can feel the surface that you are walking or running on. The thin sole is also very protective – just stepped on some cactus, and other than the spines stuck in the bottom of the shoe, my foot was fine. They are slip-ons, but when fit properly, stay snuggly on my foot. I love that I can spread my toes as wide as possible, almost as if I didn’t have shoes on while wearing them. If you are in the market for a barefoot athletic shoe, this one gets my vote!

If you have back or knee pain, your shoes might be to blame. Swap out some of the shoes in your closet for zero drop and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And check out my video below for more info on what to look for in your shoes!


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