With the holidays already here, you are probably thinking of gifts for your loved ones. Or you might be thinking of what to hint to your family and/or add to your wish list. As a practical fit girl, I’ve put together some of my favorite things that you can instantly put to use. What’s the point of another purse if it’s just going to sit in your closet for the next five years gathering dust until that ONE TIME you go somewhere “fancy” enough to get to use it?

So here are 15 practical gift ideas for your favorite fit girl (or guy!)


  1. Living Proof Dry Shampoo
    Banish post-gym hair forever. Dry shampoos are usually off limits with curly hair, since you don’t have a way to brush it out, but I’ve yet to have any problems with this one. It leaves my hair looking cleaner than pre-gym and smells great! $22 www.livingproof.com
    living proof dry shampoo ae wellness 2016 gift guide
  2. Fit Bit Flex 2
    I’ve been wearing a Fit Bit the last 8 months and I really enjoy keeping tabs on my step count and sleep quality each night. Even if they are not 100% accurate, a fitness tracker will at least get you thinking about moving and how many hours of sleep you’re getting, which is better than ignoring it completely. Plus, the Flex 2 has cute jewelry that will hold your tracker because the plain band can be obnoxious when you’re not in your spandex. $99.95 www.fitbit.comfit bit flex 2 ae wellness 2016 gift guide
  3. Well Fed Weeknights cookbook
    I stumbled upon Melissa Joulwan during my first Whole 30. Every recipe of hers gets rave reviews from my husband and is PACKED with delicious flavor. Her latest book is meals that can be made in 45 minutes or less. When you’re a busy gal but want to eat whole foods, this cookbook makes it simple. You cannot go wrong with this! $24.95 www.meljoulwan.comwell fed weeknights ae wellnes 2016 gift guide
  4. Scünci No-Damage Flat Elastics
    As a fit girl, a hair tie can make or break your workout. There’s nothing more annoying than having your ponytail get droopy as you jump rope, or smashing into the back of your skull when you’re laying on your back in yoga. I still remember standing in the hair tie aisle at Target, overwhelmed with the 45793927 different types of hair elastics – and then I found these. Hair ties usually get too stretched out to hold a pony tail in for me, but not these ones. The. Best. Hair. Tie. Ever. $3.99 www.scunci.comhair elastic ae wellness 2016 gift guide
  5. Ask Me About My Balls Tank
    When you’re a mobility ninja, you never go anywhere without your therapy balls (I know I’m not alone!). I always get very weird looks or sideways glances when I roll in public, so might as well open the door for people to ask you questions! $27.99 www.aewellness.comask-pink-front_web
  6. Passion Planner – Undated
    Getting my life organized and setting goals is what helped me to stay sane while I launched this brand, planned a wedding, and worked part time. I’M STILL STANDING, FOLKS! The Passion Planner is the perfect planner for the creative and driven soul who just needs a little more clarity in their day. I’ve never been the planner type, but I’m now on my third Passion Planner. This thing works! It’s been life changing for me and based on the testimonials I’ve seen on their beautiful Instagram, I know I’m not alone. The Undated version allows you to start when you want, rather than waiting for January to get inspired. $34.99 www.passionplanner.com
    passion planner ae wellness 2016 gift guide
  7. Instant Pot
    Another kitchen gadget I could never live without. The IP pressure cooker does everything your slow-cooker does in 10% the time. Pulled pork that falls apart? 90 mins in the IP. Rice that’s perfect every time? There’s a button for that! I’m not even sure how much time it takes. You can sauté your veggies, brown your meat, throw some liquid in and have a full meal in no time at all. It’s a huge time saver and makes amazingly delicious meals. (There’s a Facebook group with over 154,000 members who share all sorts of tips and tricks from cleaning and how to make cheesecakes) $129.95 (I’ve seen the price as low as $69!) www.amazon.comInstant pot ae wellness 2016 gift guide
  8. Mobility for Performance Pack with the Self-Care Startup Guide
    If you’re serious about performance, your mobility products should be serious about self-care. This is the perfect kit for any athlete and includes every size and style of therapy ball you need to keep yourself refreshed and ready 24/7. It also comes with access to the Self-Care Startup Guide, where I’ll guide you through 15-days of mobility, movement and mindfulness to help you incorporate self-care into your daily routine. A regular self-care practice will maximize your mobility, improve posture, improve sleep and help you live a pain-free life. $79.99 www.aewellness.com
  9. Apera Bag
    Your gym bag needs to be organized so you can find stuff, durable to handle all the travel to and fro, and resistant to all the nasty microbes it’s going to come in contact with in the locker room. Enter Apera Bags. I first learned of this company at a fitness show a few years ago and immediately purchased a backpack and the Yoga Tote, which both have been updated to be even more awesome. They have held up to multiple travel trips and are going strong. The material inside and outside of every Apera bag is Sanitized Infused with antimicrobial product protection to help prevent the growth of bacterial odors on our bags and they are super roomy without being overly bulky or hard to carry. $119 www.aperabags.com
  10. affirmat yoga mat
    Why have just a plain yoga mat when you can have one that reminds you how awesome and amazing you are? And not only does it make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, but it’s a darn good durable yoga mat that won’t let you slip in class! Affirmat is the mat I use in all of my videos and for my personal practice. Some days you just need a little reminder of how stinking great you are or how to invite more peace into your life and affirmat always delivers. $49 www.affirmats.com
  11. Tervis Tumbler
    This double walled tumbler is my go-to on-the-go cup for both hot and cold drinks. Cold drinks don’t leave the outside slippery and wet and hot drinks stay hot. They have a TON of cute designs from Hello Kitty (my favorite), animals, flowers, sports teams, and dude stuff. I’ve given them as gifts and kept a few for myself. If you are buying a gift for an on-the-go person who drinks hot or cold beverages, this is a pretty safe bet :) starts at $14.99 for a 16 oz tumbler www.tervis.com
  12. Bento Boxes
    Each week starts with meal planning and prepping so that I have healthy ingredients and meals on hand when things get busy. The hardest part is having enough containers of the right size to fit everything in! Bento Boxes are a great way to manage portion control (you know, only 4 squares of chocolate instead of the entire bar) and have your meals ready to grab on your way out the door. You can also use these to freeze portions that you can defrost later on nights where you don’t have time or energy to cook again. You can never have enough containers! $15.99 for 15 www.amazon.com
    bento boxes ae wellness 2016 gift guide
  13. Squatty Potty
    If you haven’t seen the pooping unicorn video that went viral on Facebook, Squatty Potty is a toilet accessory that helps you to have better posture (and elimination) while seated. It’s a step stool for your feet that puts you into a squat position, which is anatomically more efficient for elimination (there’s a reason dogs, cats, and every other animal squats to go). I have one and love it! Besides, if you’re working on better positioning for ALL that you do, the toilet is definitely a place where some improvements can be made ;) $29 www.squattypotty.com
    squatty potty ae wellness 2016 gift guide
  14. Massage gift card
    For the fit girl (or guy) who has everything – a massage! While therapy balls are great, there’s nothing quite like another human to help you relax into a deep state of bliss. Find a massage place in your neighborhood (or the giftee’s) that has good Yelp reviews and get them a massage! This is often a self-care item that we all would love, but often won’t splurge for ourselves. Massage Envy is a national chain with many locations – there’s probably one near you! www.massageenvy.com
  15. Athleta Gift Card
    As an Athleta Ambassador, I’ve had the awesome privilege in wearing exclusively Athleta for the last 7 months. Their stuff is super high quality, cute, and functional! It’s pretty hard to pick out workout gear for someone else, so play it safe with a gift card. My two favorite pieces right now are the Sonar Capri (super soft and buttery fabric that compresses and holds you in at all the right places) and the Cozy Karma Pullover (insanely cozy pullover with thumbholes and enough length to cover your bum).www.athleta.gap.com
    athleta gift card ae wellness 2016 gift guide

Happy shopping!


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