I took on a new challenge this week in trying CrossFit for the first time. It was hard, I was sweaty, and today I can hardly lift my arms, but accepting the challenge was totally worth it. I was impressed with the result of putting my current physical strength and endurance to the test. While yoga stresses non-competition and leaving the ego out of it, in this workout, I was able to push myself to run faster or rest less often to keep up with the others in my group. Accepting the challenge of a CrossFit workout did not come without fear. I have been talking about it for months, ever since I came home from Creative Live and met all the awesome coaches and Kelly Starrett and realized that CF was not just about lifting heavy stuff to be macho. CF is built around basic human movements that we should all be able to perform and are highly transferrable to many (if not all) other sports or movement activities. If you are able to get into the position without any thing more than body weight (like you are in yoga), what happens when we challenge the system by increasing the load, cardiorespiratory demand, metabolic demand, stress (like trying to beat everyone in the room), or speed? You will always find ways to grow within your own body once you increase the intensity of the movement. Why be just yoga bendy, when you can be insanely embodied and beast mode on top of that? 

I was brought to the CrossFit gym as I will be starting a new Yoga Tune Up® class there Saturday’s at 11:30am, which leads me to my next idea today: taking advantage of opportunities that come your way. If you are paying attention, almost everything can be an opportunity, whether it is to advance yourself from your current work position, learn something new, or just get better at a skill you currently posses. Once you see the opportunities all around you, I challenge you to take them head on! You never know where or to what they may lead, but if you don’t take the chance, you’ll never find out. I have been working hard to figure out how to challenge myself with opportunities lately. Instead of being fearful of how things will work out, taking the plunge has seemed to work itself out! In the next few months I will be doing what I love MORE, and teaching more classes each week. I am so excited for this opportunity and the potential opportunities that it may lead to as well. Because you never know what is coming your way, it is important to be open to new experiences and to always put your best self forward. Not feeling up to the challenge? Fake it, because eventually your attitude and body will jump on board if you’re working hard to consciously be ready for anything. “Fake it till you make it” is not just a saying.

You never know what will step into your life, but if you are open to the potential possibility, and maintain a positive outlook, it will be that much easier to spot the BS ;)

Yes, I am a glass-half-full girl, and always will be. How would your day be different if you could be a glass-half-full person for just 20 minutes? 4 hrs? The entire day? Perhaps that challenge is the only opportunity you take on today, so make it awesome. Continue to challenge yourself to be the best you yet. Why not? What do you have to lose?

Come get stronger, faster, and more flexible with me Saturday at 11:30am at CrossFit Sol City in Hollywood. There is a workout before and a cross training class after, so you have two chances to get your workout in this weekend!