I celebrated the big 2-5 this week. A whole quarter century of living. You know what I did? Went to Disneyland with my mom and had breakfast with the characters. I know some people would have a very different idea of fun at 25, but some of the best advice I’ve ever received – Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional – has always resonated with me.

So many of us are concerned about fitting in with a mold of how we are supposed to act at any given age. And true, there is a time and a place for everything, but we should hold on to our inner child for as long as possible, if not forever.

Ella is the perfect example to me of childlike curiosity. She walks out into the backyard and checks out everything as if it is the first time she has ever seen or smelled it and that it must be the most amazing thing ever.

The last time you drove to work, I bet you weren’t looking forward to it as if it was your first time. But can you imagine how much more exciting the entire day would be if you started it with pure joy and happiness? Yes, it may take some faking, but we can outsmart our self and fake our way into a good mood. Eventually, you’re not longer faking it, but are actually happy.

Your brain interprets the signals that you send it with your body posture and movements. Don’t believe me? Slump down into your chair in your best Eeyore impression, and then try to feel excited and happy. Or bounce around like Tigger and try to be sad. See? The same goes with a smile and the breath. You breathe deeply and let your brain know that whatever you are doing is ok and to relax more. When you smile you let your brain know that even if what you are doing is incredibly uncomfortable, it is good for you, and will benefit both your body and mind. (Learn more about how body language shapes you here)

Don’t let age as number define you, but set the rules for how you will live your life and how you will act and there is truly no time better than the present to start.