We’re all aging on a minute by minute basis, might as well make it as dynamic as possible! If you’ve been hanging around AE Wellness for some time, you know how much of a Katy Bowman fan I am. Her book Move Your DNA made it extremely clear to me that many of the pathologies and issues we are facing today come from our lack of movement (not exercise) and that you can fit movement into your day. Her approach of a lot of little moves throughout the day rather than 1-2 hours of hard exercise has greatly influenced my approach to movement.

Her latest book, Dynamic Aging, was co-authored with a group of septuagenarians who have been practicing Katy’s Nutritious Movement for the last decade. All of them share amazing stories within the pages of the book on how they were able to reverse issues that are seemingly only solved through surgical means. From organ prolapse, knee issues, shoulder issues to scoliosis pain -making micro adjustments and becoming more aware of your body throughout the day goes a long way.

What I love most about this book is that it not only aligns with what I believe when it comes to movement, but that the voice of the book is from ladies who have been there. I am fully aware that I at first glance, one might think I am fresh out of high school, and then proceed to brush off what I have to say. But by sharing this book, my own septuagenarian clients are now excited about toe isolations and balance training on their own. I care less where the idea came from but am just excited that they too are excited about taking control of their health!

This is a great book to share with someone is starting from square one, regardless if it is a setback from surgery or they’ve never moved a day in their life. The exercises are laid out beautifully and very easy to understand, which makes it the perfect book for everyone!

And even though it’s geared towards Goldeners, I have recommended this book to my 25-yr-old friends because it teaches you the basics in an easily digestible way.

So if you have friends or family members who cannot hear anything you say about how they really should be moving on a daily basis, give them this book and let them read and digest it for themselves. As frustrating as it might be that they didn’t listen to you in the first place, at least they’re listening to someone!

And go out there and get moving people! One of the authors of the book, Joan, climbs a tree in her backyard every day. SO AWESOME and now I’m on a quest to 1) find a tree, 2) practice climbing said tree so I can be cool like Joan.

Dynamic Aging: Simple Exercises for Whole-Body Mobility by Katy Bowman is available at Amazon.com and book retailers everywhere.


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