Facebook is a fickle creature. It helps us to keep in touch with those who are no longer close or keep tabs on those who interest us. It also allows us to witness the life events of our peers through the computer. I’m at the age where many of my friends are starting graduate school, getting married, or having babies (some even, are doing all three!!). And it as my newsfeed is flooded with “so and so is engaged” and new photos of brand new babies, I find myself having to quiet the committee. You know, the “shitty committee” who is with you always, reminding you of your shortfalls and inadequacies? We all have one, and perhaps yours is nicer some days, and though many of us practice yoga to silence this monkey mind, there are some days where it creeps through the defense.

So another wedding engagement announced, a second wedding photo shared, and I can’t help but wonder if I am doing the right thing. Is this where I am supposed to be at 24? Am I less than my peers because I have chosen to blaze my own trail? And just as I begin to feel sorry for my sad, sorry self, sitting in my childhood bedroom, the super hero yogic brain kicks in and sends the shitty committee to the back of the “room” where they stay quiet.

We are all on our own path.

Plain and simple. Though our paths may converge at some point, like the freshman year of college, or the time we worked together, our journeys through life are all our own. The challenge is to stay true to your path, and not be distracted by another’s or by what your community/culture/society expects you to be doing. And when you are true to your self, your path through life becomes less like walking a pirate’s plank and more of that yellow brick road you’ve been dreaming of.